Top Canadian Web Hosting Providers 2019

While it’s not entirely necessary to have a Canadian web host, there are many benefits of going Canadian rather than picking a host from another country.

There are many factors that attribute to website load times but one of the most important is server location. If you are a Canadian business you’ll want servers based in Canada to ensure the fastest load times for your visitors. Having local servers will also help with your SEO as Google and other search engines will rank you higher for local search.

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Recommended web hosting providers for Canada - November 2022

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Why choose Canada based web hosting?

Canadian web hosting includes specifically web hosting services located in Canada. You have access to all of the same features you would experience in hosting packages located around the world except tailored to a Canadian market. Your servers will be located in Canada giving your Canadian residents fast load times and a boost to your local search SEO.

Along with all of the benefits of being located in Canada such as speed, privacy, and marketing, you also get to experience feature rich packages to help with your online success. Canadian hosting plans are fit for businesses of all sizes with plans for shared hosting, VPS hosting, optimized WordPress hosting, and more.

Who is Canadian web hosting for?

Canadian web hosting isn’t just for Canadian businesses, but also for businesses that want to improve their presence in Canada. Having a Canadian web host will give you a Canadian IP address for your website. That helps to improve load times for people trying to access your website in Canada. The best Canadian web hosts will give you access to a CDN which will make your website load quickly all over the world. With a Canadian IP address, you will also appear higher in results for local search in most search engines, helping you market your business to Canadian clients.

Canadian web hosts are a great choice for businesses of all sizes. If you are new to the web hosting world, the top Canadian web hosts will have a knowledgeable support team, available all hours of the day, in multiple languages to help you through the entire process of building your website. If you are a website veteran, Canadian web hosts will provide you with all the tools you need to create an amazing website experience, such as cPanel, Softaculous, security services and more.

Information is handled very differently in each country and you need to consider how important privacy is to you when selecting a web host. For example, in the United States, they have laws in place, such as the DMCA and The Patriot Act, allowing the government to access and monitor any information located in America that they think could be a threat to their country, without a warrant. On the other hand, Canada is incredibly strict when it comes to accessing personal data and information, making you and your client’s information a lot more private.

If you are looking for a host that can help you make a boom in the Canadian market, improve your website speed, has expert service, and specializes in privacy and security, you may want to consider a Canadian web host.

What to look for in a Canadian web hosting provider

Picking a Canadian web host is a great first step to getting your company involved with the Canadian market, however, not all hosts offer the same features. You want to make sure you choose a web host that gives you the most bang for your buck. Here are some things to look for from your Canadian web hosting provider:

Room to grow: The best Canadian web hosts won’t limit what you can do with your website. You want to see a lot of unlimited features when searching for the right host, such as, websites, email accounts, bandwidth, and disk space. If you outgrow one plan you want to be able to easily scale your needs to another without any hiccups in your service. Cost is also a big factor when starting a website, you’ll want an affordable plan with plenty of bundled in features like free domain registration, free website transfer, free SSL certificate, etc.

Reliability: When you buy your Canadian web hosting plan you want to know that your website will continually work and be secure. No host can offer a 100% uptime guarantee, but you want something as close to perfection as you can get. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is reasonable and something you should look for in your host. Make sure that your host is offering you server protection such as monitoring, intrusion detection, and a firewall. You will also want access to an SSL certificate along with DDoS prevention. If you do run into trouble, the web host should have a knowledgeable support team that can help you at any time of the day.

Ease-of-use: Look for features that will make running your Canadian website as easy as possible. An application manager like Softaculous will ensure that you can install hundreds of apps with a click of a button, and a control panel such as cPanel ensures that you have access to all of your tools in a clean layout. Some web hosts include a website builder that can quickly create a professionally designed website with no prior technical knowledge.

Don’t accept anything less than the best when choosing your Canadian web host. Do your research, check out who our top rated web hosts are, and decide which one is the right fit for you and your business.

Types of Canadian Hosting

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is the best option for new website owners and for businesses that don’t expect a lot of traffic. On a Canadian shared hosting server, you share all of your resources with other accounts on the same server. This helps to cut down the costs of hosting, but it also means you have to be careful with your resource management. If you or anyone goes over their limitations it can slow down the entire server. Luckily, most websites on shared servers are small and typically won’t go over their usage, but it is something that can happen. When your website starts gaining traffic it is a good idea to scale your plan.

VPS web hosting

When you sign up for a shared hosting service you have to split the resources with other people on the server, while on a Canadian VPS server all of the resources are dedicated to your account. VPS or Virtual Private Servers are perfect for websites that have gained traction, you are seeing lots of visitors and you have noticed that your website has outgrown the available resources on a shared server. The downside is that VPS plans are more expensive than shared hosting plans. However, the plans are scalable and more customizable so you can get the perfect fit for your Canadian website.

Optimized WordPress

Canadian optimized WordPress hosting is affordable and perfectly tailored for your WordPress website. WordPress hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed so you can create your website easily as soon as you are ready. Optimized means that your WordPress application will be the latest version and be equipped with lightning fast caching so your website loads as fast as possible. Canadian WordPress hosting comes with all of the tools you need to run a prestigious website.

Pros of Canadian web hosting


Canadian web hosting is a competitive market, which is good news for consumers. There are many options available which means companies have to compete with each other for your business. Also, you will be paying in Canadian dollars which will save you some money from things like credit card companies not having to do currency conversions.


Uploading your website to a Canadian web host helps you improve your SEO for local search. Many search engines, like Google, take into consideration where people are located and try to give them results that are the closest. If you have a Canadian IP address from your Canadian based server you are more likely to appear higher in Canadians’ search results.


Canada prioritizes the security of personal information. When you choose a Canadian web host, your information will be held on Canadian soil, which means it will fall under Canadian laws. When you choose a Canadian web host your information will not only be secure but private. In other countries such as the United States your information might not have the same privacy and could be monitored at any moment.

Cons of Canadian hosting

Worldwide speed

Hosting your website in Canada ensures fast load times for Canadians and potentially for people across North America, but what if you do business worldwide? You need to check if your Canadian web host gives you access to a CDN, if they don’t you might run into troubles with your worldwide visitors. Many of the hosts we suggest have CDNs included in their plans, take a look and see which one fits your needs.

Worldwide support

You need to watch out for when your support is available when choosing a Canadian web host. If you choose a Canadian web host that only has support during work hours (9am-5pm) and you are based out of Australia, you’re going to have a hard time getting in touch and it will take days, maybe weeks to get an issue resolved. Look for a support team that is available 24/7 and has multilingual support for your business.

Pay attention to these things

When choosing a Canadian web hosting provider there are some important details you will want to pay attention to such as server location, features, costs, and support. Let’s start with server location.

We’ve detailed before how a Canadian based server can help speed up your website, but Canada is a large place, so you’ll want to pay attention to where the server is located. For example, if a Canadian company hosts their website on a server in Vancouver and they have visitors in P.E.I., the visitors might experience some delays with load times. This is also true for visitors all over the world trying to access your website. To fix this, make sure your Canadian website has centralized servers and/or a CDN to ensure fast load times.

There are some features that are expected from you Canadian hosting package, such as free domain registration, an abundance of disk space and bandwidth, security, marketing, and reliability. Check everything that different Canadian web hosts offer and make sure they fit all of your website needs.

This also leads into the cost of your web hosting package. Just because something is cheaper, doesn’t mean it’s the best. Check to see that their features are up to par and if they aren’t, then it might be worth it to spend a little more. On the flip side, hosting packages are expected to be affordable for website owners. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to get a website. You will have to compare hosts to find the best fit.

Finally, look at the support the Canadian web host offers. You want a team that can help you with all of the questions and concerns that will arise when you build your website. Look at when each company offers support (is it 24/7?), how they offer support (email, chat, phone), and in which languages.

How to find the best Canadian hosting for your website?

You’ve decided to go with a Canadian web host, but there are so many to choose from, how do you know which is the right fit?

We’ve gone through several important features above, but each host will have a long list of different aspects of their plans to go through. Here are some things to help you choose the perfect host:

1. cPanel

You don’t want running your Canadian website to be a headache, it should be seamless and enjoyable. Different control panels have different features and require different levels of technical knowledge. Many website users and industry experts recommend using cPanel because of its ease-of-use and design. cPanel allows you to control, edit, and update all parts of your website from a web browser interface. If you want your website to be easy to maintain, then make sure your web host offers cPanel.

2. Website builder

Having a website builder that is not only easy to use but also creates websites with a professional design is highly recommended for your new Canadian website. You no longer need to hire a website designer and wait months to have your website ready. Now website builders can create amazing websites in a matter of hours. Check which website builders are available from different hosts and if you can give them a test spin.

3. Hosting plan requirements

There are many different Canadian web hosts and each one of them has many different hosting plans, so it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which you should choose. There are some things that can help narrow your choices. For example, how many daily page views do you get? If you get over 800 page views, it is recommended that you scale up from a shared hosting plan to VPS as you will probably use more than your fair share of resources. If you know that you want to use WordPress for your website, look into optimized WordPress plans to see which has the best features for you.

4. Easy installation

There are a lot of applications addons you can install onto your website, however, without technical knowledge you might be hesitant to use these features. Some web hosts will provide you with the tools to do automatic installs, or 1-click installations through things like Softaculous. Read through the features of your Canadian host of choice and see if they make it as easy as possible to run your website.

5. Free domain registration and transfers

Most Canadian web hosts offer free domain registration for the first year. If they don’t, then they’re already behind in features. A free domain name means that you can choose any name that’s available and get started on your website without worrying about more and more costs. You should also look for free website transfers, so that if you were unhappy with one Canadian host, you could transfer to another easily.

6. Security

The last thing you want to worry about when you are building an online business is having it hacked and destroyed by online intruders. Look for which security features are included with your hosting plan and which you will have to pay for. When you choose a Canadian hosting package you should get access to their server firewall, monitoring and intrusion detection. On top of that, you will want to see if you get access to an SSL Certificate, as this is an indicator that a website is secure and Google will warn visitors when a website doesn’t have a secure https connection. Also a website backup service is always recommended.

7. Customer support

Knowledgeable customer support is crucial for website success. Even if you are a website expert, there are certain problems you can’t foresee and figure out on your own. Having a team that has your back at all hours of the day and night will help make your online endeavors a success. Look for when support teams are available, how they are available, and even test to see how reliable they are.


If you want to make sure your online business succeeds, we highly recommend choosing a Canadian web host. With a Canadian hosting provider you will get access to the best tools to run your website along with amazing server speed, local search SEO help, privacy laws, cost-effective plans, and feature rich services.

The market for Canadian web hosts is booming, meaning there is a lot of competition to get your business. Each host wants to outdo the other with better, more affordable plans. Take a look at our list to see which host would work well for your Canadian website.

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