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cPanel is an exclusive web panel, specially designed for the web hosting control. This is the most popular software among all the commercial web hosting control panels. Operating on Linux, cPanel enables webmasters to control web service settings due to its facilitated interface. It supports more than 25 languages which makes the supervision process much easier. Which is why the fact that InMotion Hosting has been chosen the best cPanel Hosting Provider in 2020 makes this company certainly worth our attention, for it has gathered all the possible perks cPanel Hosting can provide.

Having its headquarter in Los Angeles, USA, InMotion Hosting is considered to be the best cPanel Hosting Provider on totally sufficient grounds. Along with the helpful assistance and its reasonable price (InMotion doesn’t charge you for using cPanel Hosting, as far as it’s already included into the service package), the company contains the most extensive database one can need for providing a sufficient control of web resources. Due to its professional diligence, InMotion makes the usage of cPanel 20 times faster and easier. Having working in this market niche for more than 10 years, the company has also submitted its reliability and expertise by its countless successful projects and rapturous feedback of clients. In addition to all the perks mentioned above, InMotion secures IMAP Email services and offers a multi-layer defense.

Best cPanel hosting providers 2018 - October 2022

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Introduction to cPanel Hosting

cPanel hosting refers to a web hosting service powered by the cPanel control panel. This software offers a comprehensive web-based interface that allows you to manage your website via a standard web browser. cPanel's simple design and tremendous power give the inexperienced user the ability to perform the naturally complicated tasks of server administration with relative ease.

A cPanel hosting solutions provide everything you need to control all the aspects of website management, ranging from setting up email accounts and databases to managing files and installing software applications on the server. It is attributes such as these that have made cPanel the number one control panel software on the market.

cPanel Hosting Features

cPanel hosting thrives from a dynamic control panel that offers extensive capabilities to administrators on the server end, as well as customers on the client side of the spectrum. Some of the features you enjoy on the front-end include the ability to view website statistics, manage GnuPG encryption keys, activate FrontPage extensions and set up custom cron jobs to run at intervals of your choosing.

Another quality that gives it a huge advantage over competing control panels is the support for a wide variety of third-party applications and plugins. The most notable of these add-ons is a Fantastico, a utility that offers a wealth of software programs in the form of scripts that are ready to be installed. Installing new software on a server can be a complex process, but Fantastico dramatically simplifies these tasks by enabling you to automatically install applications in a matter of minutes and with a few easy clicks.

Some of the scripts cPanel hosting offers include popular web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Cube Cart, phpBB and several others. Fantastico packs more than 50 additional programs, and each one comes included free with your hosting account.

The power cPanel lends enables the web hosting firm to automate a large number of their day to day server administration tasks. Unlike most other control panels, this particular program is capable of managing a wide range of software packages independently of the underlying operating system. This essentially means that an administrator can use it to automatically apply upgrades to vital elements, such as PHP programming, the MySQL database system, the Apache web server and several relative software components.

With this ability, providers can make sure that these packages are always kept up to date and remain compatible with the control panel. It also ensures that customers receive the most functional and secure web applications with their cPanel hosting solution.

Enter WHM (WebHostManager)

Depending on the service arrangement, cPanel hosting may or may not offer a built-in application known as WHM. Short for Web Host Manager, WHM is a web-based tool that provides administrators with the ability to create and manage web hosting accounts on the server.

Aside from being accessible to the administrator at the root level, it is also made available to a reseller customer that has been given privileges. Resellers with cPanel hosting plans are armed with less features and capabilities than the root user. The privileges are typically limited by the server administrator, who allocates features that are specific to the reseller's account and their customers, as opposed to the server in its entirety.

From the reseller's perspective, the beauty of WHM is that is allows them to effectively manage their clients and lets the end customer to maintain their own sites with the condensed, but still powerful, client-friendly version of cPanel.

Why Choose cPanel Hosting?

Customers opt for cPanel hosting because it is arguably the most powerful control panel on the market. The software is easy to use on both the server and client side, while providing the ability to automate virtually every aspect of managing a website.

cPanel is directly accessible from any web browser, so you don't have to be in front of your computer to run your website. As long as you can get to a computer with internet access, you can get to the control panel and take care of all your management tasks.

Often run on the Linux platform and Apache web server, cPanel is usually more affordable than other control panel solutions and puts out an optimal performance that sets the standard for the industry.

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