Best Green Web Hosting Provider 2017

Our 2017 Best Green Hosting Award goes to, one of the only web hosts on the market to feature a wind-powered hardware set that returns three times the amount of energy used by their servers. Green Geeks, a pioneer in the green web hosting revolution, is committed to help the environment by using energy-efficient servers and the data center cooling system that compensates 3 times the amount of energy used by their servers.

About GreenGeeks’s Hosting

The GreenGeeks management team has over 40 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable website hosting. Your account will utilize only the best of breed server hardware, the most dependable network providers and the most up to date software programs available anywhere on the internet. In addition your GreenGeeks account will have a positive energy footprint on the environment as we replace, with wind power credits, 3 times the amount of energy your website will use.

  • Web Space and Data Transfer Unlimited

  • Sub-domains, Add-ons, and E-mails Unlimited

  • Website Builder 600+ Templates

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel Latest version of cPanel

  • Auto-installation 150+ scripts (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Yes

  • 24/7 Support Phone, Ticket System (E-mail) and Live Chat

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring Yes

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Fantastico Script Library
  • 1-Click Install: Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, Wordpress, Image Galleries and many more
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Phone and Email Support
  • Energy Efficient Infrastructure
  • Carbon Neutral Friendly
  • 300% Wind Powered Green Hosting
  • Automated Nightly Backups
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Best Green Hosting by "Web Hosting Geeks" (2017)
  • Best Green Web Host by "Web Hosting Rating" (2017)
  • Best Green Hosting by "Web Hosting Fan" (2017)
  • Best Green Web Host by "WH Reviews" (2017)
  • Top Green Hosting by "Top Web Hosting" (2017)

Best Green Hosting Nominees - April 2018

  • Servers OS

  • SSD Drives

  • Free domain

  • Data Backups

  • Disk Space

  • Bandwidth

  • Websites

  • E-mail size

  • E-mail accounts

  • E-mail transport

  • Reliability & Uptime

  • Drag and drop website builder

  • Wordpress Optimized

  • 1-Click installs

  • User-friendliness

  • Control panel

  • SSH Access

  • Software

  • Support

  • Tech support

  • Provider's hosting products

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • Plans

  • Price

  • Price / month

About Green Web Hosting

Green hosting is one of the latest niche trends in the web hosting industry. While some companies merely leverage it as a marketing gimmick, the trend itself is actually tied to a very real and serious issue. It takes a copious amount of electricity to power the global computer network known as the internet, and as a field that is totally dependent on this network for survival, the web hosting industry is one of the biggest contributors to what has been identified as a growing problem.

Nearly half of the world's carbon dioxide, one of the biggest threats to the environment, is generated by electricity. Unfortunately, the data centers that drive the web hosting sector are notoriously known for gobbling up this power source at a rapid rate, as the web servers, routers and other equipment needed to run an IT infrastructure all require it. Throw in the need for cooling systems, security mechanisms, and other power requirements, and you have an industry that it is literally emitting tons of CO2 per year.

  • The Allure Behind Green Hosting

    1. Eco-Friendly Website Services

      For the business or individual who has grown conscious of their energy consumption and wants to do something about it, green hosting is the answer. It makes it possible to run your website with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are being a part of the solution.

    2. Cost Savings

      Not only does green hosting offer a way to help save the environment, but save money as well. Contrary to popular belief, these solutions can be just as, if not more, affordable than traditional plans. Combined with your existing energy consumption efforts, an eco-friendly solution can help you enjoy cost savings.

    3. Goodwill Points

      Global citizens of the world are growing more aware of how their daily activities impact the environment. By making the investment in green hosting, you can appeal to this demographic of internet users, and win them over with your decision to use your website as a way of making a difference.

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