Best Multiple Domain Hosting Provider 2020

Our 2020 Best Multiple Domain Hosting Award goes to Inmotion Hosting, a very much respected hosting company and the perfect fit for any multiple domain projects.

We’ve combed through the muck and the gems — as well as all the rest — and after sifting through the competition, Inmotion Hosting is an undeniable winner and therefore gets "Best Multiple Domain Hosting" award.

Why Inmotion Hosting?

There’s a lot to like about Inmotion from the ground up, but we’re particularly keen on the provider’s competitive pricing schemes.

Inmotion Hosting offers plans that start at a mere $3.99 a month, a pricing scheme we found above-average, even when compared against some of the more popular bargain hosts. For that money, users can enjoy a plethora of unlimited features, as well. If you’re looking for a budget way to host multiple domains, four bucks a month with Inmotion Hosting earns you support for as many websites as you can create, and all under one account—free of charge. Inmotion Hosting also comes with a host of other useful unlimited features, like limitless disc space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

Another reason to appreciate Inmotion Hosting is their fully certified and guaranteed 90-day returns policy. Are you not happy with hosting your family of domains at Inmotion Hosting? Are you simply tired of the frustrations of web hosting and want a clean break? No problem! The provider will completely refund you your money and without any of the customary fuss of such a breakaway. Without any questions asked, Inmotion Hosting is prepared to cut the cords and call it a day. Now that’s a bargain!

Another notch in Inmotion Hosting’s favor is its feature set. The site comes packed with WordPress support for those so inclined to use the content management system, as well as an easy-to-navigate website builder of the provider’s own devising. Either way, it’s a cinch to create your page without any previous knowledge of Perl, PHP, MySQL, etc. — though, all of these are, of course, supported. All in all, Inmotion Hosting makes it easy to host your multiple sites, but it also makes it a pinch to flesh them out with dynamic web applications once landed.

Last but not least, Inmotion Hosting won us over for budget hosting because of their solid tech support. Their US-based tech centers are available 24/7 by telephone or over the Web to answer any questions you may have about hosting multiple domains. Their technicians are friendly and, most importantly, know what they’re talking about, rounding off Inmotion Hosting as one of the best values around for multiple domain hosting.

When you're looking for the best feature sets, the utmost compatibility with industry-standard software, the most bang for your buck, and the most comprehensive technical support in town, Inmotion Hosting delivers. The web host brings the best of all worlds under one roof, providing unbeatable service at rock-bottom prices.

  • Free Cpanel, 1-Click Installs
  • Expert Tech Support in the United States
  • No Risk to Try - Free Setup and 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Top Tier Network / 99.9% Uptime
  • Free Domain Registration or Transfer
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • Free SSDs - Up to 20x Faster
  • Free Private SSL
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Premium Website Builder
  • Best Multiple Domain Hosting by "Web Hosting Geeks" (2020)
  • Best Multiple Domain Hosting by "Web Hosting Rating" (2020)
  • Best Unlimited Hosting by "First Site Guide" (2020)
  • Top Unlimited Domain Host by "WHR" (2020)
  • Most Recommended Unlimited Domains Hosting by "Web Hosting Fan" (2020)
  • Official Partner of "SWSoft/Parallels" - the provider of the virtualization
  • Certified Service Provider "CNET" (since 2003)

Best Multi Domain Web Hosting Nominees - November 2022

  • Servers OS

  • SSD Drives

  • Free domain

  • Data Backups

  • Disk Space

  • Bandwidth

  • Websites

  • E-mail size

  • E-mail accounts

  • E-mail transport

  • Reliability & Uptime

  • Drag and drop website builder

  • Wordpress Optimized

  • 1-Click installs

  • User-friendliness

  • Control panel

  • SSH Access

  • Software

  • Support

  • Tech support

  • Provider's hosting products

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • Plans

  • Price

  • Price / month

Introduction to Multiple Domain Hosting

In case you need to open up a number of additional domains to meet your needs you have to make sure your web hosting providers offer packages that allow you to host all your websites under the same account. This is known as multiple domain hosting. It is, however, important to note that even with unlimited domain hosting this does not necessarily mean you’re good to go! Do you have enough server resources to meet the needs of more domains? Are you prepared? All of these play a part, and if you’re looking for more information on multiple domain hosting, you’ve come to the right place.

The Simplicity of Multiple Domains

Now, as you’re reading this we’re going to go ahead and assume a few things about you. First of all, we’re going to assume that you are looking at or currently own some sort of shared website service. That is, you’ve opted into one of the cheap technology sets that allow you and a thousand other users to share the resources of a single whopping server. If you’re in this boat, don’t feel ashamed! Most of us use this form of web hosting, as it’s easily one of the more elegant options out there: Cheap, effective, and for the most part powerful.

We’re also going to assume that you have at least a passing interest in opening up a few more domains. Now, that either means that your service supplier doesn’t offer you the chance to open up a few new Web names, or the company does, and you’re not quite sure what or why you’d need to pop in a few more locations.

Lastly, we’re going to assume that all of your confusion and inexperience have been spurred into action by an enlarged Web presence—size really does matter.

So with all of that at the forefront, we want to assure you that you can leave your fears at home. We’re here to help you get up to speed, so without further ado, let’s get cracking on the issue. Multiple domain hosting is a great way to stave off inefficient performance, and we’re going to show you how.

What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

This is actually a very simple question to answer. Multiple domain services are any services that allow you to host multiple domains from a single account. In other words, the hosting provider that you’re using gives you the opportunity to register several more domains under your umbrella. Once registered, you can modify or edit these locations exactly as if they were your primary account.

In this way, hosting multiple domains is the simplest, most effective, and most luxurious way possible to add some new domains to your bucket. Imagine being able to log into your account and play around with all your different sites from a single panel. We’d like that, and we’re assuming you would too!

The Benefits

Largely, the benefits from multiple domain hosting have to do with richness. If you’re in a position where you need to expand your site into a full-on media blast, adding more domain names is a solid way to segregate your content, but keep your overall brand at the front. In other words, when you’re expanding beyond your original limitations, adding new domains (and new technologies and software like Fantastico) can be a great way to flesh out the stuff you can offer to your readers.

Multiple Domain Management

At this point, we can imagine you’re asking one single question: “How much is all of this ease of use going to cost me? Surely a lot!” We can see why you’d think that, but to be honest, you’re really not going to be paying much for all of these services. Here’s why in case you were wondering.
Most of what you need to run your own multi-domain website is already included with even the most basic of shared hosting accounts. You see, adding more domains uses the same cPanel that you’re used to, the same provider, and even the same registration services. Furthermore, you’ll be setting up all of your new domains under the same service supplier, which means no additional hunting on your part.

The Cost of Services

In case you were wondering, registering new domains is only rarely an expensive process. In fact, for only a few bucks per year, you’ll be able to slap down any old name that you please, which should come as good news to those who are on a tight budget. And like we said earlier, you can expect the same materials to stick around after the change. All in all, it’s a solid win-win!

How to Find the Best Multiple Domain Hosting Provider?

When you look at most of the most common web hosting plans available, you’ll often find that many of them will only allow customers to host one domain to their account. If you just have one website, this shouldn’t be an issue, but what if you have a few sites?

Well, the domain of your website is the name and address that people use to find it online. Each domain is unique, and many people take great pride in securing the perfect domain for their website.

When you choose multiple domain hosting, you can host multiple domains on the same web server account. This will offer you more convenience, and you’ll also see some cost savings by using the same server for multiple domains.

For example, if you were to have 20 different domains and hosted them with separate web hosting providers, you could end up spending over one thousand dollars a month just to host them. If you own multiple domains, you definitely want to keep all of them on the same server for convenience and cost-saving benefits. For this reason, many hosting providers offer what’s known as multiple domain hosting.

Not all providers are the same, so it’s essential that you know what to look for. Let’s take a look at the basics of multiple domain hosting along with the pros and cons of the service.

Who Can Benefit from Multiple Domain Hosting?

Hosting multiple domains is a solution that a variety of different types of customers could benefit from. They include the following:

Website Developers

Even if you only have one domain for your primary business, with multiple domain hosting, you could set up additional “testing” websites where you could test the functionality of new web applications and features before you add them to your primary site. This is an excellent tool for website developers and will allow them to test out their clients’ websites before they go live.

People with Multiple Websites

As you could probably guess, people that have multiple websites could see significant benefits from choosing a multi domain-hosting plan. They’ll be able to see a cost-saving benefit by using the same server for all of their domains, and they also have the convenience of only working with one company.


The third type of person that could benefit from multi-domain hosting is a freelance web designer that manages websites for multiple clients. They can have all of the sites stored on the same server and managing all of their clients’ websites is in one place. They could also have the opportunity to charge their clients more for these services too.

Benefits of Multiple Domain Hosting

In addition to the cost-saving benefits that you can see from multiple domain hosting, there are a few other pros to choosing multi-domain hosting that small businesses will especially notice when they choose this type of plan.


By choosing multiple domain hosting, you won’t need to worry about logging into multiple hosting websites to manage all of your domains. Everything is in one place, and you’ll have more time to focus on the core of your business.

Less Administrative Stress

Managing one domain can be stressful on its own let along managing multiple domains. By working with a multi domain-hosting provider, you won’t need to worry about emergencies happening with every domain provider and instead you can focus on only one account. This will help save time and reduce the stress of the website administrator.


The final benefit of multi-domain hosting worth pointing out is how easy it is to upgrade your plan. As your website grows, all you need to do is upgrade to the next tier for a few dollars more a month. This will ensure that all of your sites run smoothly and scale as your business grows.

Potential Drawbacks of Multiple Domain Hosting

While there are many benefits to choosing multi-domain hosting, there are a couple of drawbacks worth pointing out to ensure you’re making the correct decision.

Potential Performance Problems

multiple domain hosting plans typically operate on a shared hosting structure. This means that your domains will share a server with sometimes thousands of other websites and you’ll have to share the resources of the server with the other sites as well. This could lead to performance issues when you have hundreds of sites all using the same CPU and other hardware. This is bad enough for basic shared hosting packages, but when you host multiple domains on a shared server, your already limited resources are diluted even further as they’re spread across your sites.

No Redundancy

The other drawback of multi-domain hosting is that since you’re using one account if the server experiences an outage, all of your websites will be affected. It’s worth noting that not all server outages are the fault of the service provider, and if you were to misconfigure something on your server, all of your websites could come crashing down.

If you’re managing these websites for clients or if you’re operating multiple e-commerce sites, whenever you experience an outage, you’re losing money. Keep this in mind and know that there is always a downside to “keeping all of your eggs in the same basket,” so to speak.

What to Look For?

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of multiple domain hosting, it’s time to discuss the things to look for as you compare different providers to make sure that you’re choosing the best one for your domains. 


The first thing to compare is the price of each of the providers. You’ll find that most entry-level multiple domain hosting plans are relatively affordable at only a few dollars a month. Even so, the price shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Customer Support

One of the most important things to look for as you compare different multi-domain hosting providers is the customer support that they offer. You want to know that your selected provider will be there to help you if you ever run into a problem. Try to avoid providers that use a ticketing system since this can take time. Also, look for providers that will offer you phone support 24/7. Read reviews about their support and trust that the provider you choose has your websites’ backs.


The features of the multi-domain hosting plan that you choose are incredibly important and should have a significant impact on your decision. Think about the tools and functions that your websites will need and make sure that the multi domain-hosting provider you’re comparing will support them.

Management Tools

The final thing that you want to look for as you compare multiple domain hosting providers is the account management tool they offer. Some will have their own proprietary control panel while others might use Plesk or cPanel. Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to quickly adjust the settings of your server to fit your needs in the future.

Other Considerations

As you start to look for the previously mentioned features and items, you also want to keep a few other things in mind to make sure that you’re making the correct decision for your websites.


You’re going to entrust this multi domain-hosting provider with multiple domains, so you want to ensure that they are trustworthy. Read reviews online (not just on their website) to get a full picture of the service that they offer. If one host provides a great price but has a handful of nasty reviews, it’s best to look elsewhere. There are hundreds of providers on the market to choose from, and you shouldn’t feel forced into working with a less-than-stellar multi domain-hosting provider.

Guaranteed Uptime

You want to ensure that your websites will remain up and running for most if not all of the time. Providers will guarantee a certain percentage of uptime to show how reliable their equipment is. In this day and age, you shouldn’t accept anything less than 99% guaranteed uptime. Technology is too advanced for a professional multi domain-hosting provider to promise anything less.


You want to make sure that your chosen provider will be able to scale their services as your websites grow. This means that they offer multiple tiers above the entry-level, and will allow you access to more resources as your site begins to grow.


Multi-domain hosting is a fantastic option for anyone that plans to operate multiple websites. Whether these are your clients’ websites or your business’, choosing to go the multiple domain hosting route will help save you time and money and is also much more convenient than conventional web hosting packages. Make sure that you weigh all of the options before moving your domains over to one provider and keep all of the tips from this guide in mind as you move forward.

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