Best Unix Web Hosting Provider 2018

Our 2018 Best Unix Hosting Award goes to, a US-based website host, that's been providing powerful unix hosting services since 2001. Stable and secure hosting environment is what makes Web Hosting Hub the number one choice for those looking for reliable unix web hosting. Web Hosting Hub servers run on the latest version of Enterprise Class Linux OS (CentOS) - stable, secure, flexible unix-like platform with finely tuned configurations so you can get the most out of your hosting account.

About Web Hosting HUB’s Unix hosting

Web Hosting Hub provides quality web hosting services and helps people easily get their websites online. Our shared hosting plans are reliable, scalable and affordable. We have a plan to fit every hosting need from blogs, e-commerce storefronts and custom websites. And we support you with our 24/7 always available U.S. based technical support.

2 U.S. Data Centers
West and East Coast Locations

200+ U.S. based team members
Over 40,000 happy customers

  • Enterprise Class Linux OS

  • Fine-tuned Configuration - Yes

  • Latest Apache Server - Yes

  • Latest PHP and MySQL - Yes

  • GBs of Storage (Web space) - Unlimited

  • GBs of Data Transfer (Bandwidth) - Unlimited

  • Multiple Domain Names - Unlimited

  • International Domain Names - Yes

  • FREE Premium Web Builder - Yes

  • Easy-to-Use Control Panel (cPanel) - Yes

  • Fantastico Library - Yes

  • 90-Day FULL Money Back Guarantee

  • 24/7 Toll-free U.S. In-house Support

  • 24/7 Server MonitoringYes

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Fantastico Script Library
  • 1-Click Install: Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, phpBB, SMF, Wordpress, b2evolution, PHPNuke, Image Galleries
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Phone and Email Support
  • Ultra Fast and Reliable Quad Processor Servers
  • Multiple OC-192 Backbone Connections
  • Ultra Fast and Reliable Quad Processor Servers
  • 24/7/365 Server Monitoring
  • Best Unix Hosting by "Web Hosting Geeks" (2018)
  • Best Unix Web Host by "Top Web Hosting" (2018)
  • Top Unix Hosting by "Web Hosting Rating" (2018)
  • Best Unix Web Hosting by "Website Hosting" (2018)
  • #1 Unix Web Host by "Web Hosting Reviews" (2018)

Best Unix Hosting Nominees - June 2018

  • Servers OS

  • SSD Drives

  • Free domain

  • Data Backups

  • Disk Space

  • Bandwidth

  • Websites

  • E-mail size

  • E-mail accounts

  • E-mail transport

  • Reliability & Uptime

  • Drag and drop website builder

  • Wordpress Optimized

  • 1-Click installs

  • User-friendliness

  • Control panel

  • SSH Access

  • Software

  • Support

  • Tech support

  • Provider's hosting products

  • Money-Back Guarantee

  • Plans

  • Price

  • Price / month

About Unix Web Hosting

Unix is one of the oldest operating systems in circulation. Unlike Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X, which are household names in the desktop environment, this particular system made its claim to fame as a platform for workstations and servers. Though it is not used as commonly as other systems, Unix is arguably the most influential operating system of all time. In fact, several operating systems have been designed in its likeness, including Linux, BSD, FreeBSD, and all versions of Mac OS X.

Although you will not find it installed on many home and office desktops in comparison to Windows, Unix is a dominant force in the web hosting arena, where it has a reputation as a bonafide workhouse. From low-cost budget offerings to premium e-commerce solutions, this robust platform forms the backbone for just about any type of hosting you will find on the market. Considering its track record, one might think Unix was specifically made for this environment.

  • Unix Hosting Benefits

    When it comes to supporting the demanding needs of a website, you can't ask for more than Unix hosting. This platform comes bearing a wealth of advantages, including:

    1. Affordability

    2. One of the most commonly touted benefits of Unix is its cost effectiveness. Though it is not an open source operating system like many of its derivatives, it is fully compatible with a variety of open source technologies, which in turn, usually makes it a very affordable option for hosting.

    3. Secure by Default

    4. Unix boasts great security right out of the box. While no system is 100% foolproof, this platform has a long history of being incredibly resistant against security threats that plague other systems, particularly Microsoft Windows.

    5. Stability and Reliability

    6. The stability and overall reliability of operating systems in general have improved throughout the years, but Unix is still considered head of the class in this regard. Plenty of processing power and a well designed architecture has made this system one of the most dependable hosting platforms around.

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Award for the Best Unix Hosting

Award for the Best Unix Hosting