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Best Dedicated Hosting Solution 2017

Our 2017 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Award goes to Inmotion Hosting. Unlike its competitors, Inmotion Hosting does not take the cheapest parts on the market and piece together a server. Inmotion stepped into SSD space that is 20 times faster than regular SATA drives. They only use best-of-breed Dell PowerEdge and Sun Microsystems server hardware to ensure the highest quality of service. Their experience and expertise really makes a huge difference. Inmotion Hosting has earned 3 out of 3 Stars from CNET to become a CNET Certified Service Provider. They have maintained this prestigious position from one of the most recognized names on the Internet since 2003!

InMotion Hosting, Inc.


$99.99$189.9947% OFF* 30-Day Money Back

Best Budget Hosting
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  • User-friendliness
  • Price
  • Reliability & Uptime
  • Software
  • Tech support
  • Average Rating:
  • Number of Reviews:1355
  • Includes Cpanel for free
  • Very good network performance
  • Service is guaranteed
  • New hardware
  • Expert tech support in the United States
  • Includes up to 4 hours of free custom server setup
  • Intel Quad Core and Dual Core CPUs
  • Full CPanel License Included
  • 500GB – 1TB SSD, SAS and SATA drives available
  • Up to 15 Terabytes Premium Data Transfer
  • 2 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • No Risk to Try - Free Setup and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Top Tier Network / 99.9% Uptime
  • Best Dedicated Hosting by "Web Hosting Geeks" (2017)
  • Best Dedicated Web Host by "Web Hosting Rating" (2017)
  • Best Dedicated Hosting by "Web Hosting Fan" (2017)
  • Official Partner of "SWSoft/Parallels" - the provider of the virtualization
  • Certified Service Provider "CNET" (2003-2017)

Uptime Monitor

  • 100
  • 75
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Monitored since: 11 March 2008

Days of monitoring: 3302

Monitored websites: 16

Overall uptime: 99.98%

* Uptime shown is for the last 6 months

About Dedicated Web Hosting

Support Level
A big part of having a dedicated server is how much of the technical work your host will help with. For InMotion, the support level is more managed than many of the hosts at this price point. They help with things like the firewall, adding new PHP modules, and other similar server configurations. This level of service can really make life a lot easier.

They only use Dell servers. A lot of other hosts either don't tell you what they use or just put them together themselves. This can lead to a lot of hassle, particularly the first time the machines are put into service. Also, the servers listed on InMotion's site are all new with a good mix of medium to high end. They don't offer really low end servers.

Their uptime is excellent, and we believe this is probably for a few reasons. InMotion uses BGP4 bandwidth and they peer with a lot of really big ISPs to help keep the routes short and fast. This means it connects immediately with that provider - for example, tracing out from them immediately goes into the target ISP's network, Cox and Speakeasy in this case:

traceroute to 68.106.XXX.XXX (68.106.XXX.XXX), 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 5.289 ms 5.282 ms 5.294 ms
2 ASHBBBPC01GEX0200A001.R2.NV.COX.NET ( 7.057 ms 0.597 ms 7.049 ms

traceroute to 66.92.XXX.XXX (66.92.XXX.XXX), 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.493 ms 0.394 ms 0.402 ms
2 6.ge-0-2-0.cr2.wdc1.speakeasy.net ( 0.710 ms 0.745 ms 0.922 ms

Technical Expertise
InMotion is relatively new to dedicated servers - about 3 years - but they are very good with the stack they provide - CentOS and Cpanel. Working outside of that stack they generally don't really seem to do though, but might for a fee. Please let us know if you run into this situation and we can update this. They are also really helpful with optimizing the server for different web sites, even helping with Apache, PHP and MySQL configurations.

Ease of Use
Dedicated servers can come as simple as a bare bones box or setup with management software already. It really depends on how sophisticated you are. With InMotion's dedicated servers they will have preloaded Cpanel, setup your firewall, and configured your first account. If you want to do everything yourself, they won't be the best fit for you. If you really busy or not technical, they are a good choice.

The price is very competitive for name brand hardware and a full Cpanel license. There is no setup fee, even when paying monthly, and that is very good.

Best Dedicated Web Hosting Companies 2017

Rank Company Name Special Price Plan Features User Feedbacks
1 InMotionHosting
Ultra Fast Servers
$99FREE Double RAM
SSD Performance
Fast and Easy Setup
Extra Protection
Full WHM/cPanel
1355 Customer Reviews
2 HostGator
Powerful and Flexible
$139No Deals
Linux or Windows
Full Root Access
Full WHM/cPanel
450 Customer Reviews
3 SingleHop
Advanced Servers
$99No Deals
Fast 1-Hour Setup
5 Customer Reviews
4 LiquidWeb
Fully Managed Servers
$179No Deals
Free Data Migration
Linux or Windows
24x7 Server Monitoring
44 Customer Reviews
5 Codero
Great Value Servers
$95No Deals
Huge Inventory
Linux or Windows
SAS 70 Certified
44 Customer Reviews
6 XLHost
Great Value Servers
$69No Deals
Free and Easy Setup
Linux or Windows OS
Discounted Servers
4 Customer Reviews
7 DedicatedNow
Fully Managed Servers
$180No Deals
Fast Setup
Extra Protection
50GB Offsite Backup
6 Customer Reviews
8 Acenet
Reliable Servers
$297No Deals
Fast and Easy Setup
Managed SLA Included
Full WHM/cPanel
8 Customer Reviews
9 LunarPages
Cheap Servers
$165No Deals
Fast Setup
Linux or Windows
300 Customer Reviews
10 1and1
Cheap Servers
$199No Deals
Fast Setup
Linux or Windows
998 Customer Reviews

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