2012 Award for the Best Business Hosting

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best business hosting

InMotion Hosting is this year’s winner in Web Hosting Geek’s “Best Business Hosting” category. The service provides above average customer attention, especially to business-based clients in need of a fast server, reliable up-times, and industry-grade performance.

The web hosting provider (http://www.inmotionhosting.com) was chosen over its competitors because of its innovative software and hardware system, its above-average technical support, and its affordable business hosting plans.

InMotion Hosting uses a unique network of West Coast/East Coast data centers that provide “Max Speed Zones” to users within the continental United States. Those within direct proximity of a data center can enjoy email, bandwidth, and networking speeds that clock in at up to six times the speed of InMotion Hosting’s competitors. The provider also makes it easy for business owners to select the most efficient data center using their proprietary File Download Test.

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In addition to supporting multiple data centers, InMotion Hosting also includes one of the most advanced peer-based networks available of any shared web hosting provider. The company strives to create a stable base of peer networked computers for businesses to use, increasing up-time, stability, and connection speed in a cost-effective manner.

InMotion Hosting was also selected for its business friendly pricing and feature set. The provider’s monthly rates start at only $5.95 a month, before topping out at $13.95. For their money at the cheapest rate, business managers can enjoy two distinct websites, up to six domains (as well as 25 subdomains) dual MySQL databases, and 1,000 free FTP accounts.

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InMotion Hosting also comes with unlimited disc space and bandwidth across all of its pricing schemes, making it easy for businesses to scale up with demand, or keep network drain at a modest rate during off-periods.

inmotion websiteThe provider is also 100% compatible with industry standard coding environments and languages. Businesses are free to connect their accounts with Adobe Dreamweaver for easy updating, while InMotion Hosting also supports WordPress development. The service also supports coding languages like PERL, PHP, Python, Javascript, and of course, HTML.

Lastly, InMotion Hosting was selected as “Best Business Web Host” for its stellar, 24/7 technical support. The company’s support network is available at any time of the week or day via toll-free telephone, making it one of the most cost-effective and supportive services around.

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Overall, InMotion Hosting is easily a shoe-in as “Best Business Hosting.” Its rich feature set and support for industry standard coding and environments makes it a ready-made, cheap solution for the business in need of a quality web host.

Visit http://www.inmotionhosting.com for more information.

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