2012 Award for the Best Forum Hosting

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best forum hosting

best forum hosting award
No matter if you’re running a personal blog, a website for your multimillion dollar corporation, or just a place for hobbyists to get together and chat, it has never been more important to have a forum-enabled website. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter increasingly advocating Internet communication amongst the web community, those looking to make a real impact on the net need a good forum host. With that in mind, we’ve selected Fat Cow (http://www.fatcow.com) as our overall favorite for the category of “Best Forum Hosting” in 2012.

There are a myriad of reasons to like Fat Cow as a web host, and we would like highlight some of the provider’s other strong points first. Fat Cow is an above-average service provider, and to do it justice, we’ll start with a sneak peek at some of the incredible features the host offers.

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First off, if you’re looking for a budget way to host a forum-enabled website, there’s no better value than Fat Cow. The host’s plans start at a scant $3.15 a month—a lower price than we’ve seen just about anywhere! For that money, users are awarded handy site porting utilities like a free domain name, easy site transfer from another service, and a bullpen full of site templates to get the ball rolling.

fatcow websiteNot only that, but Fat Cow also comes with unlimited storage space, unmetered bandwidth, as well as an uncapped number of mailboxes per site. The provider also offers a host of other features designed to get the burgeoning webmaster off the ground, including a bounty of AdWords credit, as well as $150 in advertising credits just for signing up. There’s also a free eCommerce solution for those looking to host an online business at the get-go. Not to mention the 30-day money back guarantee, in case you’re dissatisfied with Fat Cow’s service.

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And of course, Fat Cow is fully capable of handling your worst PHP 4 & 5, PERL, Python, MySQL, and Java scripts. The company is even 100% wind-powered, in case you’re concerned about the cows still left in the wild.

But what makes Fat Cow so good for the forum user? To be straight, it’s the company’s dedication to easy forum access. Right out of the gate, Fat Cow accounts are enabled for every popular forum software program, including Simple Machines Forum, phpBB, bbPress, PunBB, and Vanilla Forums. This, combined with their dedication to providing the best possible web hosting experience for the end-user, makes Fat Cow the ideal candidate for the web host with forum use in mind.

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Visit http://www.fatcow.com for more information.

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