2012 Award for the Best Green Hosting

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best green hostingGreen technology is all the rage these days. Massive companies the world over, including mega heavyweights like Google and Amazon, have been marking up the efficiency of their servers and sites. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have a budget the size of the Titanic to make your website green-capable. In fact, with Green Geeks, Web Hosting Geeks’ winner for the Best Green Hosting in 2012, you can streamline your server for next to nothing—and with a heap of free benefits to boot!

We’ve awarded Green Geeks the honor of the Best Green Hosting for a number of reasons, including the service’s excellent pricing scheme and top-notch feature set, but before diving into those details, let’s talk about the green!

Why Green Geeks?

To kick things off, Green Geeks uses the latest generation of Intel processors to power its servers. These bad boys are streamlined to use as little energy as possible while still delivering the power-punch you deserve. Not only that, but the company even has its tech support specialists telecommute into work, saving carbon emissions on morning commutes. There’s also the 300% wind-powered hosting network that Green Geeks uses. No small feat, this marvel of modern hosting engineering ensures that the company returns three times the energy it uses every time its servers are fired up.

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As a cherry on top, Green Geeks is also one-hundred percent certified by the EPA as a compliant Green Power Partner. All in all, the provider takes the most steps to ensure its hosting network is green-capable, making it a shoe-in for the Best Green Hosting category.

greengeeks websiteWith Green Geeks, though, that’s not the whole of it. Considering the provider has pricing schemes that start at a scant $4.95 a month, users are also getting a tremendous bargain in hosting while preserving the planet. For that low price of five bucks a month, all of Green Geek’s consumers enjoy unlimited disc space, bandwidth, add-on domains, IMAP, and POP3 email accounts. Not to mention the fact that Green Geeks offers several other amenities to help ease the process of moving your site to their servers: This includes free site migration, free domain registration for life, and a customized, 100% free site builder.

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And, of course, Green Geeks comes stock with all the bells and whistles you want, including support for Python, Perl, PHP, and cPanel. The provider will also handle as many MySQL databases as you want to throw at it, making it a solid, eco-friendly, and comprehensive way to host your professional website without harming the planet.

Visit http://www.greengeeks.com | Read Green Geeks customer reviews.

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