2012 Award for the Best Reseller Hosting

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You’ve finally committed to the idea of having your own web hosting business, and you’re ready to look for a dedicated server space to call your own. However, as you start to prowl the options, you may quickly become overwhelmed by the multitude of hosts with spaces sold at reduced rates. There are many offerings to choose from, but if you want the absolute best reselling experience on the net, there’s no one quite like HostGator, our 2012 winner in the category of “Best Reseller Hosting“.

best reseller hosting awardHostGator is undeniably the best reseller host around, offering some of the most comprehensive feature sets at a competitive price that knocks our socks off. However, we’re enamored with the host for more than just its reseller options. With that in mind, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at some of the other aspects of HostGator that we like best—but don’t worry, we’ll still cover reseller hosting in spades!

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First and foremost, HostGator offers all of its hosting plans without a contract alongside a 45-day money back guarantee. This means that, after more than a month’s solid use, if you’re not satisfied with the service HostGator provides, the company will completely refund your money with no strings attached. That’s a better deal than we’ve seen just about anywhere (especially for reseller hosting) and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Add to that benefit is HostGator’s massive resource of video and written tutorials that aim to help you manage your reseller account, and you’re looking at one of the slickest hosting packages in town. The company also provides unlimited 24/7, 365 days a year technical support to all of its patrons. This means that if you have even just the slightest of server hiccups, HostGator’s technicians are standing by with trained advice and a solution to match.

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“But what makes HostGator so good for reseller hosting?” you may be asking. To kick things off, we’d just like to point out the price of starting your own web hosting business with HostGator. The provider offers a five-tier hosting plan that starts at a scant $24.95 a month and tops out at only $99.95, including 200 gigabytes of disc space. That’s less than $100 bucks a month to host your own business with more than enough storage!

Across all of its pricing schemes, HostGator also focuses on providing unlimited feature sets like uncapped domains and subdomains, limitless email accounts, unmetered MySQL databases, and as many cPanel shells as you can help your clients create. These elements, combined with the provider’s stellar pricing, make HostGator the absolute end-game provider where reseller hosting is concerned.

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Visit http://www.hostgator.com for more information about HostGator Reseller Plans.

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One thought on “2012 Award for the Best Reseller Hosting

  1. Actually, Hostgator.com reseller program have horrible reviews!!! I literally was on the telephone with customer support in the process of signing up for the reseller program, when I opened a different tab and entered hostgator web hosting reseller program reviews…. nightmare after nightmare were in the results. I INSTANTLY told the representative, I had to go! I did not sign up because the writers of the reviews had some really bad issues and mostly all the same! I did not want to join the list… Sooo, I am going to keep looking elsewhere.