2012 Award for the Best Unix Hosting

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best unix hosting award
When searching for a Unix-based solution for your personal website and blog, there’s a multitude of options in the industry. However, which provider caters up the absolute best solution for your Linux needs, both professional and amateur? Based on our experience and customers feedback “Best Unix Hosting” choice is Web Hosting Hub (http://www.webhostinghub.com).

Considering there are so many Linux-based hosting options, we really had to sift through the competition to reach a final verdict. That being said, Web Hosting Hub met all of the criteria we sought. We appreciate the provider’s cheap (and Unix-studded) monthly pricing plans, and if you’re looking for a budget way to host your website on a Linux base, Web Hosting Hub is by and large the option to consider.

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The cheapest plan offered by the provider bottoms out at a scant $3.95, though without losing any hosting quality in the slightest. For just four bucks a month, users can enjoy full CentOS, one of the most stable Unix-like server operating systems. The system comes with an impressive amount of configuration options, ensuring you’ll get the most out of your Linux substrate for less bank.

Four bucks a month with Web Hosting Hub also earns you unlimited email accounts, disc space, bandwidth, and even unlimited websites—all of this, of course, delivered to you with a CentOS user interface.

webhostinghub websiteFurthermore, we can’t get over the fact that Web Hosting Hub offers a full, money back guarantee up to three months after the start of your service agreement. Are you unhappy with the performance of your Unix hosting after 90 days of use? No problem! Web Hosting Hub will happily give you your money back without any fuss at all, no questions asked. That’s a bargain in its own right, though we don’t think you’ll need to cash it in.

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To top things off, the provider also comes with one of the best tech support services we have ever seen. Their United States based call and chat centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with any Unix problems you may have. And considering each and every one of Web Hosting Hub’s technicians is Unix-certified, the company is the ideal provider to guide you through your CentOS hang-ups.

With Web Hosting Hub, it’s never been easier, or cheaper to set up your own, Unix-based site. With up to date, enterprise-ready CentOS coming stock on each and every server the company owns—not to mention Web Hosting Hub’s dedication to Linux tech support—there’s no better way to dive off the Windows train and into the world of Unix hosting.

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Visit http://www.webhostinghub.com for more information about Web Hosting Hub.

Read Web Hosting Hub customer-written reviews.

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