A Review of JustHost

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A Review of JustHost

JustHost is a fairly new web hosting provider that has become one of the biggest players in the hosting industry, almost overnight. This is because they have one of the most robust and fastest networks utilized by many servers which almost eliminates downtime. This reliability and performance mixed with a low price package with many features is a winner in any computer user’s book.

There are four primary areas where JustHost excels including:

  • Control panel
  • Customer service
  • Price value
  • Reliability

JustHost utilizes industry-leader cPanel software to allow users to create and manage their website in an easy-to-use environment. The program is simple yet powerful as you can manage domains, databases and provide added security all within a few clicks of the mouse. Other easy functions are configuring email accounts, viewing website statistics and implementing scripts.

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Another excellent feature of JustHost is their customer service. The company provides users with around the clock support via email and phone. There is also a detailed help center that provides answers on almost any topic related to their system. JustHost has become one of the best resources in the marketplace. This is one area where the company takes pride as the customer comes first.

Also, the price value blows most web hosting providers out of the water. At only $3.95 per month and packed with numerous features, JustHost is providing an excellent service at an extremely low price. The best feature is unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases and domain hosting. Almost sounds too good to be true! There is also a great deal of e-commerce support for those looking to create a product or service website.

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Finally, JustHost is one of the most reliable web hosting providers available due to their load balancing technology and speedy backbone connection. Your site is available on multiple servers due to load balancing so if one becomes unavailable your site will not go down. This almost eliminates downtime completely and gives you a small piece of mind.

JustHost is one of the greatest things to happen to the web hosting industry since the invention of the server. At the same time it is also one of the worst things to happen. All in all the company is excellent for users but bad for the competition. With the growing popularity of JustHost, they certainly are making the competition rethink their business model.

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One thought on “A Review of JustHost

  1. JustHost’s claim to fame, their load balancing technology, has recently been deactivated. To paraphrase one of the suppor team lead’s it was more trouble than it was worth.

    I am a JustHost customer, but since this change I’ve found my hosted sites to be up and down like yo-yo’s. I may not be a JustHost customer for much longer. I have been with them for approximately 18 months.

    My recent experience has found their customer service to be lacking when it really matters, and the false claim relating to load balancing technologies that is still being made on their website is shameful.