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Amazon CloudFront: Everything a Cloud-Based CDN Should Be

In the world of content delivery, there are plenty of options that guarantee you the maximum in performance, delivery, and security. However, no technological front is pushing more boundaries than that of peer-to-peer, cloud-based content delivery. No other service can offer half as much scalability, server load or bandwidth to meet your business needs. And with that in mind, no other provider is doing half as much to advance this innovation than our choice cloud-based content delivery network, Amazon’s CloudFront service.

Impeccable Client List

amazon cloudfront clients

We aren’t the first to notice Amazon CloudFront, and with such a large name behind the service (for those not in the know, Amazon is a leading online warehouse, offering impressive sales and technological innovations like the Amazon Kindle) it’s a deal that’s guaranteed to draw high-dollar attention. However, you don’t have to take our word for it: A quick glance at the company’s client list is more than enough to do the convincing. As of 2011, Amazon CloudFront supported a network of more than 20,000 users and counting, including such institutions as PBS, Sega, Virgin Atlantic, Second Life and IMDB, as well as smaller start-ups like and Rent Jungle. All in all, Amazon CloudFront is gaining popularity, and considering the company’s unprecedented track record and performance quality, we can hardly say we’re surprised.

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By the way, team also use Amazon CloudFront for all of our CDN needs! Check our website performance test results by Pingdom and WebPagetest.

Minimal Latency Network

amazon cloudfront edgeservers

At the forefront of the Amazon CloudFront experience is their excellent and above-average data network. With 20 point-of-presence locations based around the world, including servers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, Amazon CloudFront is more than capable of expanding your media into the market you desire, sans problems. Each of these edge locations is engineered from the ground up to quickly and efficiently deliver your content to users within the region, mapping instantly and with modern peer-to-peer technology a destination route that minimizes load times and Web latency. However, this is nothing new in the world of content delivery. What sets Amazon CloudFront apart from its competitors is its unprecedented emphasis on cloud-based delivery methods.

To begin with, Amazon CloudFront makes extensive use of peer-based connectivity, providing a non-traditional bed and network for your data to draw from. This interconnected chain of micro computers allows for unparalleled stability and scalability in performance. What we mean is, because the Amazon CloudFront network is larger than just its edge network locations, your content is given a much larger spread of power and storage to draw from. Your content may be cached at each of the company’s edge connections, but its also stored on the cloud, read to be pulled more quickly from a peer-based connection even closer to the end-user than before.

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Power and Convenience of the Cloud

amazon cloudfront architecture

In addition, Amazon CloudFront, as a cloud-based delivery provider, allows your content to be scaled to match demand. Should your site experience an unusual period of demand, the network will compensate to match. In essence, this means that, should every single one of your customers decide to access your content at once, the Amazon CloudFront network will devote more of its power and utilities to your media during that time period. This ensures the lowest possible latency during peak times, and when the demand cools off, and your content is no longer needed on a priority, the network will snap back to its typical position. This is beneficial from a business perspective, as you’re only required to pay for the services rendered. In the same way that you only pay for the electricity your business uses, with Amazon CloudFront you’ll only pay for the data transfers that take place. At its core, this means you’re paying for performance the minute your server needs it, but are saving money during the times when you don’t.

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amazon cloudfront console

And finally, Amazon CloudFront comes fully integrated with all other Amazon web services, including Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. These are services designed to integrate with your existing hardware, requiring no extra effort on your part to reformat or redesign your media to meet complex CDN needs. At the end of the day, Amazon CloudFront is willing to meet you where you are, provide a cheap way to match your needs, and offer solid performance to get the job done.


Stay tuned, more CDN reviews coming soon!

7 comments on “Amazon CloudFront Review

  • Thilak

    I agree with Dimitry.Amazon cloud computing is wise choice for various reasons.
    load balance
    and for various reasons.
    That’s why major giants like IMDB,SEGA and much more big guys are using this.

    But it’s not only for the big guys.Even the blogs with decent traffic can utilize the power of cloud computing.
    I have found that Amazon now offering now some trial service to play around their features.
    I have an e-commerce site and i am going to try this with my own.
    Thank you .

  • Gary

    Nice diagrams. They explain the concept of edge-locations well. Thanks

  • Bajaj

    With such a strong client base already, Amazon looks set for the future with this cloud service. No doubt they have their clients under a contract to, so it will be interesting to see if they are confident of their market position or if they will react to HP’s competitive product.

  • Mia Lazar

    I agree Amazon offer great service, BTW nice post with lots of explains. Thanks.

  • jamie

    With such a strong client base already, Amazon looks set for the future with this cloud service. No doubt they have their clients under a contract to, so it will be interesting to see if they are confident of their market position or if they will react to HP’s competitive product.

  • Newcey

    Amazon is the best in cloud computing.No doubt!

  • Cheryl Lucia

    No doubt Amazon is leading the race in Cloud Computing, but Amazon may want to look over its shoulder because HP is gaining fast. HP will be launching a similar service to Amazon Web Services (AWS) within two months. If Amazon has a weak spot it is its size, in terms of its data centers and its customer base, both huge. To distinguish itself from Amazon, HP will offer a more distributed infrastructure with smaller data centers spread across the globe, in contrast to Amazon’s giant data centers in fewer locations. The hope is this will lead to better load balancing and lesser chance of failures like what beset Amazon last year. With its own public cloud, HP intends to offer more personalized sales and service. Individuals can get lost in enormous companies; HP is going to strive to remedy this and provide more individualized services for customers. I don’t think anyone is going to take down the giant – or is even trying to, but Amazon is going to have some healthy competition.

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