Amazon Web Services adds Static Web Hosting

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Amazon Web Services adds Static Web Hosting

With the addition of static web hosting, Amazon Web Services now has the ability to host basic websites without the need for a virtual machine. In the past, customer were required to use Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in conjunction with Simple Storage Services (S3). However, this is no longer necessary to host a non-dynamic website. Instead, websites can be directly mounted through S3.

A Split of Blog Hosting

The Chief Technology Officer of Amazon Web Services stated that the bulk of his personal blogs are hosted on S3 due to the reliability and scalability of the service. On the other hand, applications used to manage user comments, editing posts and serving blog searches are hosted on a low-powered virtual machine using EC2 technology.

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Error Documentation

These static web pages are developed using HTML and therefore do not undergo server-side manipulation before being presented to the user. The S3 service will continue to allow users to use HTML error documentation as opposed to the automatically generated XML messages commonly seen on incorrect websites. In summary, this allows for the creation of 404 pages and other 400-level class errors.

Requirement for using this Service

Unfortunately, one of the largest requirements for use of this service is some technical knowledge. The primary users of this service will need to be knowledgeable of the Amazon Web Services console as well as the development kit in order to successfully mount their site onto the server. Other actions include setting access and permissions as well as modified specific parameters to ensure websites are correctly stored in the S3 buckets.

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Luckily, each of these tasks can be easily learned for those that lack this technical knowledge. Simply reading through the manuals, tutorials or even asking customer support for help will allow for success.

Expansion of the Size

Another important action taken by Amazon Web Services is the expansion of the maximum size of any object in S3 from 5 gb to 5 tb. This is significant in that it allows for gigantic datasets to be hosted on the server.

Amazon Web Services took on the web hosting industry by storm when they first released their cloud hosting products. In only a short amount of time, they are re-revolutionizing the industry with a more efficient and powerful method of cloud hosting. This segment of Amazon continues to expand and amaze even those professionals in the industry.

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One thought on “Amazon Web Services adds Static Web Hosting

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