AT&T Adds New Ohio Data Center

AT&T recently announced it will be opening its ninth data center in Akron, Ohio. The old Ohio Bell Data Center will hold the equipment. AT&T is planning on investing $120 million into this new mobility data center.

The Effect on Northeast Ohio

This will greatly improve the Akron economy by adding jobs and thus making the city a hub for technology. In turn other companies will begin to invest in this location resulting in the creation of a high technology job hub.

The Data Center’s Functions

Upon opening in September, the data center will handle text messages as well as other data services for wireless phones along the East Coast and in Ohio. Currently this data is being handled by an AT&T mobility data center in Schaumburg, Illinois. This will greatly improve the speed of mobile transactions due to its new proximity to the East Coast and throughout Ohio. Those located in and around Akron will see vastly improved text messaging and data speeds.

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Why Did AT&T Select This Location?

Ohio offers AT&T a strong business climate mixed with a simple tax structure. This allows companies like AT&T to conduct different types of business and essentially grow, which is the primary goal of all businesses. Also the state recently implemented a regulatory reform through the Ohio Telecom Bill. This was put in place to attract and accommodate investors of the future for projects such as this.

Reasons for the New Datacenter

With AT&T transferring from a 3G to 4G network (especially with the iPhone 4G release); there has been a major growth in demand for wireless data services, especially across the East Coast. Also since the media is completely focused on the issues of the iPhone 4G, this is AT&T’s opportunity to greatly improve their network and become more competitive with other carriers.

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When a major corporation moves into an economically struggling community, it may lead to a major turnaround for the area. For AT&T, they’re able to get a cheaper workforce to complete the same tasks; whereas in a bigger city, workers cost much more. This also benefits the whole East Coast with improve data transfer and text messaging speeds.

With the addition of these data centers, this could redefine AT&T’s image as offering a robust, secure network where users can place and receive calls, text message and use data services anywhere in the country.

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