Australian Hosting Provider Sells after Crippling Hack

Australian-based web hosting provider Distribute.IT and its subsidiary Click n Go have recently been acquired by the Netregistry Group, a much larger competitor. The acquisition occurred only a shot time following a massive systematic attack that completely crippled the company’s operations.

Sale Price not released

Neither firm has confirmed the financial agreements or customer numbers but it is clear that Distribute.IT desired to continue its services following the attack. Distribute.IT’s customer base will be given the choice of moving their current services and plans to the Netregistry Group.

Statement from the CEO of Netregistry

The CEO of Netregistry expressed his sympathy to the employees of this incident. He further stated that it is of the utmost importance to Netregistry that Distribute.IT’s customers are aware of the extent of effort Distribute has gone to rectify the damage and be operational as quickly as possible. Distribute.IT has maintained an excellent reputation over the years which is the result of being reliable and secure.

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Billing and Payment

While assessing the billing and payment history of Distribute.IT, NetRegistry further announced that it will honor all payments for previous hosting and give all Distribute customers a free hosting service in the near future. This would allow current customers to make the transition to NetRegistry servers and ensure all email accounts are working correctly.

auDa Support

The transaction between the two firms is supported by domain administration agency auDA which has been working closely with both parties throughout this incident. The sale was quickly negotiated. Up until the night before the sale, the Distribute.IT group was working closely with support companies who will assist with the migration of its colocation clients to the NetRegistry facilities.

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auDA also released a statement confirming that Distribute advised that its hosting services were the target of the mayhem and not its domain name services. Luckily, Distribute does not store customer credit card information in its databases so no sensitive client data has been compromised.’

Micron21’s Involvement

Micron21 will be the largest support company during the migration. Distribute.IT recommended to its users that they move to Micron21 for the resumption of services for colocation and email hosting. Micron21 representatives noted that they may hire some of Distribute.IT’s staff once the acquisition of the company is complete.

This attack hit the company so hard that they are working tirelessly to ensure clients can utilize their services. The acquisition of Distribute.IT by NetRegistry sounds like it will be a successful move for all parties.

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