Automation Bootcamp for the cPanel Conference 2010

Beginning October 4th thru October 6th, attendees of the 2010 cPanel Conference in Houston will have the opportunity to attend the Automation Bootcamp. Here they will gain insight into cPanel and it its products via a series of interactive presentations, workshops, and question and answer sessions from cPanel professionals. Since cPanel is such an innovative company, they strive to provide an exciting yet educational conference experience.

At the conference, attendees will also have the opportunity to network with industry counterparts in a pre-conference network reception. Also, there is a cPanel/SoftLayer Mystery Event and the popular Joystix Bash which is featured each year.

Another exciting addition to this year’s conference is Riazul 100 Percent Premium Blue Agave Tequila who is the official sponsor of the cPanel Conference 2010. They have been declared the “official drink of the web hosting industry!” Riazul will feature an exhibition table where they will discuss their company history and offer tasting of their brands which include:

  • Reposado
  • Anejo
  • Silver tequila
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An additional feature fresh to this year’s conference is the 30-minute webinar presented by cPanel’s David Grega and Mario Rodriguez. Their latest webinar, “Technical Product Roadmap” well occur October 13th, 2010. The webinar will consist of cPanels migration toward utilizing RPMs and new features including multi-server cPanel deployment in version 11.30. Additionally, there will be updates on utilizes within Enkompass.

Another fun feature of the conference will be a cPanel podcast hosted by Technical Writer Lindsey White. In October she will host two podcasts available for download or playback. The first will take place on October 1st and is entitled “Improving your website with Search Engine Optimization.” The second will be available October 15 and is an instructional session on how to use a File Transfer Protocol.

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Although these are only a few of the events that will comprise the 2010 conference, cPanel is sure to have something new and exciting up their sleeve. Each year they strive to improve on the previous year thus increasing attendance. With the sponsors, presentations and exciting additions, this is sure to be the best year yet.

The cPanel conference is a major network event and opportunity to display the newest and greatest technology not yet on the market. Since cPanel is one of the most innovative and influential companies in the web hosting industry, it is only fit they host the conference.

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