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BitGravity CDN

When faced with the ever-growing horde of content delivery network providers, it becomes increasingly hard to pick the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for top-notch cloud computing, a solid edge network, or just a company that’s willing to listen to your personalized needs, we have a recommendation that we’re sure will knock you off your feet. For all your content delivery needs—especially those that require lots of streaming video—might we lead you to BitGravity?

BitGravity Offers Innovation

We rank the provider highly on our list of preferred content delivery networks for a number of reasons. First and foremost, BitGravity is almost certainly the industry leader where innovation is concerned. They’re cutting-edge network seeks to provide the utmost in the latest file management trends, including absolute optimization for large front-end video streaming, as well as denser media management.

This kind of innovation and personalization is made possible because of BitGravity’s stellar support for modern routing and hardware technology. Rather than creating a cache and proxy based edge network for its consumers to draw from, BitGravity has instead invented a whole new form of cloud-based networking that removes the need for such clutter. Rather than messing about with constant cache updates and DNS request routing, the provider has opted to store most of its users’ data on the cloud. This data is also stored at a central hub, and can be pulled from that location at any moment.

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What this means for the end-consumer is simple: Because content is stored on the cloud, it is only engaged when requested, and is placed almost immediately in front of the end-user. BitGravity’s network is capable of increased speeds over its competitors because of its unique architecture, which gets media to the viewer with less delay and far less computation. It’s rapid, snappy, and comes with a guaranteed up-time the globe over.

Utilizing the Cloud to Control Pricing

But not only does this cloud architecture benefit the end-user, but it also aides those who decide to sign a contract with BitGravity. Because data is only engaged when called for—this is performed in much the same way that your electricity at home is used—the purchaser has much more control over the pricing and structure of their CDN use. BitGravity prides itself on offering a by-use pay tier that only requires the contractee to pay for the content delivery that is actually performed. This provides a budget way to utilize the benefits of a content delivery network, but all while increasing the performance of that network. For this reason in particular, we’re big fans of BitGravity’s services.

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We also greatly appreciate the breadth of the BitGravity network itself. The company offers processing servers in a number of locations the globe over, including North America, Europe, India, Australia, Asia, and the Pacific. With data centers situated in such major cities as San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Adelaide, Perth, Mumbai, and Chennai, BitGravity has ensured that there are zero gaps in its services, and that all of its user content is delivered efficiently, no matter the geographic location of the end-user.

bitgravity servers

We also find BitGravity to be a superior service because of its custom attention to devices other than the traditional desktop environment. They’re unique focus for providing content on mobile devices and set-top boxes makes them a custom fit for the web master that needs peripheral support. Alongside this rich feature set, we also find BitGravity’s unique dedication to video streaming a refreshing offering. BitGravity has worked far and long above its competitors to ensure that its customers receive only the finest video streaming and content delivery around. The company’s BitGravity player has been designed from the ground-up to support large files, high quality formats, and a vast number of locations around the globe. No matter what format of video you’re working with, the company is willing to work with you to ensure that no quality is lost during media transfer, and that all of your users receive the same, top-notch experience.

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If you’re looking for a cloud-based CDN with a budget face and rich features, BitGravity is by and large your product solution.


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