Bolt Web Hosting Offers New Shared Plans

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bolt Web Hosting recently announced they will be offering unlimited shared web hosting monthly plans. These will immediately replace the shared hosting plans currently in place. The new unlimited plan will provide customers with as much disk space, bandwidth and data transfer as they need. The previous plan imposed limits on the amount of resources a single account could consume.

Automatic Migration

Current customers have automatically had their accounts changed to feature the new unlimited plan without any fees being incurred. For those who were previously billed at a little less than $4 per month for limited hosting are receiving the best deal because they are getting a significantly larger plan for the same amount each month.

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Expansion Decisions

According to the CEO of Bolt Web Hosting, these plans for expansion were made months ago. The change was implemented due to market research that revealed customers favor unlimited shared hosting plans. Therefore, the company wanted to align their monthly plans with what customers want. Pretty simple idea right?

Additional Services

In addition to this change, the CEO also hinted at providing reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. Although there is no official public launch date, there will be an announced within the next few months with customers being online with these new hosting opportunities by the end of 2011.

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A High-Quality Product at a Low Price

Due to the extreme competition of the web hosting industry, Bolt Web Hosting has taken it upon themselves to give clients what they actually want and need. Since Bolt was formed in late 2010 by former web hosting customers, the company knows exactly what the masses want. They have taken their experience and skills to provide a high-quality, low-cost web hosting solution.

The founders feel they can offer an excellent web hosting product as a result of their extensive background in technology, web hosting and customer service. The founders also feel they can offer a service superior to most others in the hosting industry.

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This company is off to an excellent start as they are offering a service that no other web hosting company is willing to do for the low price. However, it is likely these unlimited plans are going to change the game. Once a single web hosting provide makes a major change, the competition usually follows. Therefore, as the pioneers of the inexpensive unlimited hosting plan, they will have the jump on all other providers.

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