Geek Ethicist: YUCK! Maybe Not

Geek Ethicist

“Dear Ethicist– A couple of months ago I was sitting in a waiting room, flipping through magazines when I found an article that said smartphones (and tablets!) have more germs on them than your average toilet: Here! Here!  Here! and Here! Of course, the very next day my co-worker wanted to show me some pictures […]

The Next Big Money Makers

With the rise of gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains), I thought I would begin an intermittent series of crystal ball readings on what the new .com revolutions of the 2-year to 15-year future may look like.  As I wrote a few weeks back, .family  is already in the pipeline for 2013.  (I hope to purchase […]

Geeks opens up registration for all Hosting Companies

After many years we decided to open registration for all hosting companies in the world. Every vendor will be checked for legitimacy and honest product presentation to its clients before the hosting company can get in to Geeks Hoster’s Directory as well as personal landing page{company-name}/.

Geek Science: Guest Blogging FAQ

Q: What is good content?  A: MailChimp is ( Q: Can I do a research and compile different sources?  A: Yes ( Q: Who is a content curator?  A: I don’t know either ( Q: What’s a good illustration?  A: Something special for every case ( Q: What’s a good review video?  A: Keep it simple and personal, no ads, pls. (