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Top Tech Gifts Under $100

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a love and passion for technology. If you or someone you know is obsessed with every aspect of technology, there are so many…

HTC Droid Incredible

Dissecting the HTC Droid Incredible

If you have heard of the HTC Incredible, which was recently released and will cost you just about $349.99, you may be wondering whether or not you should buy it….

Test Drive: Ubuntu, Vista, or Windows 7

If you heard discussions lending credence to the reasons why it’s worth switching to Ubuntu, you may be a bit skeptical and need more convincing. Thus we invite you to…

Avira Antivirus Features

In the current economy, investing in software is something most end users try to avoid. This is why free software is wonderful for everyone who is on a budget or…


Ubuntu 11.10 – A Linux Misstep?

Ubuntu is the heavyweight champion of the Linux world.  It is the most downloaded and used of all Linux distributions.  Its interface is easy to use, and it allows for…