Colocation Hosting – Security over Savings

In the web hosting industry there are two distinct hosting types, those geared towards business owners on a budget, and those geared towards business owners that demand the best. Colocation hosting falls into the latter category, offering state-of-the-art security and storage facilities in a unique service deal that is not seen in any other hosting plan.

Unlike normal hosting providers, colocation providers do not actually rent servers, nor do they charge a monthly fee for server maintenance. Instead, colocation hosting companies simply provide high-tech storage units that are specifically designed for web servers in maximum security data centers. This gives the serious online business owner a facility where they can store their web servers without having to invest in a warehouse, or worry about the security risks involved with storing the server in an unsecured location such as an office.

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Why are Colocation Hosting Facilities Safe?

Colocation hosting facilities are equipped with the latest surveillance technology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are guarded by trained personnel at all times. The facilities are protected from fire by advanced fire prevention and extinguishing devices,and all servers are stored in highly controlled environments in which every aspect of the climate is monitored and recorded. Special racks mount the servers and prevent any hardware damage, while cold air is pushed under the racks to prevent overheating and/or dust build up. Storing a web server in a colocation facility will not only ensure the security of the server, it will also maximize the life span of the hardware as well.

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How Much Does Colocation Hosting Cost?

Colocation web hosting is perhaps one of the most expensive types available, merely because the server is not provided by the colocation company. Instead you have to purchase the server yourself, and you also have to perform server maintenance as well in many cases. Some colocation hosting companies will provide server support, however most will require you to have a way to perform remote maintenance. Since you are actually renting rack space in a state-of-the-art facility, as well as the security services of the company, the monthly rates can be quite high. When you factor in the cost of  the web server, it can take thousands of dollars to get started with colocation web hosting.

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What Do You Need to Get Started With Colocation Hosting?

To use colocation hosting you’ll need a web server, and either a support technician, or experience in internet technology yourself. You may not need the latter however if you can find a colocation company that is willing to provide on-site server administration. Keep in mind that such a service will add to the cost, considering you are only paying for the storage and security service by default. It i also recommended that you have a sound understanding of web servers and web hosting before opting for a colocation hosting plan, as the maintenance and supervision processes are usually more complex than those involved with the average hosting plan.

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