Crucial Paradigm Launches New VPS Solutions

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting, has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, highly sought after because of its flexibility and cost-efficiency.  Those interested in this hosting solution will be glad to know that VPS has just became more beneficial.

Crucial Paradigm, a fast growing shared, reseller, dedicated server and managing hosting provider, recently made an announcement that it is expanding its VPS solution offerings.  The company’s new VPS hosting plans have already gone into effect, introducing a variety of entry-level and high-end services designed to provide more options for its existing and prospective clients.  With the recent upgrades, VPS hosting customers can now leverage two of the new entry-level plans which include generous offerings on disk space and allotted resources.

Crucial Paradigm director Aaron Weller, remarked that after more than five years in the web hosting industry, the provider has learned the importance of offering an array of hosting solutions that provide customers with the utmost in usability, flexibility and scalability.  Weller followed up by stating that the new VPS plans will broaden the range of hosting solutions Crucial Paradigm is able to offer, essentially broadening the spectrum of customers they are able to serve.

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Crucial Paradigm’s new entry-level Linux VPS hosting plan begins at only $10 per month, offering access to 128 MB of memory, 15 GB of disk space and 75 GB of data transfer.  The Windows plan is attractive as well, starting at $25 per month with access to 256 of memory, 25 GB of disk space and a robust 150 GB of data transfer.  All Windows VPS plans are powered with the Windows Server Edition 2008 software with the Dotnetpanel control panel available upon request at no additional cost.

Not to be left out of the discussion is the two new high-end VPS hosting solutions offered by Crucial Paradigm.  According to Aaron Weller, the upgrade has resulted in one of the most extensive and powerful VPS platforms in the industry.  Customers hosting on a Linux server can now upgrade to the VPS-16384 plan.  This plan beings at $1200 per month, offering access to 16 GB of memory, 1600 GB of disk space and 6000 GB of data transfer.  Comparable to this solution is the Windows VPS plan which begins at $320 per month and offers access to 4 GB of memory, 400 GB of disk space and 2400 GB of data transfer.

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Aside from the new VPS hosting plans for its clients in the United States, Crucial Paradigm has also introduced a number of enhanced VPS solutions for its customers in Australia.  The Australian division offers Linux VPS plans at AU $15 per month and Windows plans as low as AU $35 per month.  Existing customers are not automatically impacted by the upgrades as they have the option to upscale or downscale their web hosting plans according to personal requirements.

Crucial Paradigm was originally founded in 2003 and now operates in multiple locations across the globe.  The firm is most known for providing a wide range of custom hosting solutions based on the needs of each individual client.

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