Dedicated Web Hosting – Is it Worth the Price?

Out of all of the web hosting types available, dedicated hosting perhaps costs the most. The only other hosting solution which costs more than dedicated hosting is colocation hosting, which requires you to purchase and maintain your own web server. In a world in which high cost translates into high quality, many people assume that dedicated hosting is simply the best choice, and thus are tempted to purchase a dedicated hosting plan based on the price alone. However, the truth is dedicated hosting may not be the best solution for all webmasters.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are capable of computing huge amounts of data, and are rarely ever met with a challenge that cannot be dealt with efficiently. For this reason there are many software combinations that would run flawlessly on a dedicated server, without hindering the server’s ability to process data. If you frequently run server-based software that consumes a lot of system resources, then you may want to consider a dedicated web server due to their unmatched multitasking capabilities. The added power means that you will never have to worry about downtime, slow page loads, or any other problems that are frequently associated with shared hosting plans.

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The Price of a Dedicated Server

Of course, with the above features and capabilities come an increased price tag and more maintenance responsibilities. Instead of the usual $5-$30 that you would pay for a shared hosting plan, you can expect to pay around $100-$150 for your dedicated server, depending upon what kind of server it is and what web hosting company you purchase your plan from. Since dedicated web servers are very complex pieces of machinery they require daily maintenance and support, therefore they represent a greater initial investment on behalf of the hosting company. In order to receive a desirable return on their investment web hosting companies are forced to charge higher prices for dedicated hosting plans.

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Choosing a Plan Based on Your Site’s Needs

Dedicated web servers provide a vast amount of server resources, and thus are capable of dealing with massive spikes in traffic and bandwidth. For megasite owners, or people that own hundreds of websites, this kind of server setup is optimal, maybe even essential. However for those that own just a few websites or are just starting out online, it may not be necessary to have this much power at their disposal. In many cases having more than is needed is simply an extra monthly financial burden, and an unwarranted one at that. There are so many expenses involved with keeping an online business running smoothly, and in many cases new webmasters can strive for months before seeing even a small fraction of a return.

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Instead of purchasing the best hosting plan on the market, you should consider purchasing the best hosting plan for you. Starting with a simple and convenient hosting plan and then gradually progressing into a more robust hosting setup is undoubtedly the most practical solution for any new webmaster.

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