Ensim and Norseman Team Up

Ensim Corporation, collaborative infrastructure and web hosting application provider, recently formed a partnership with Norseman Defense Technologies, a prominent solutions integrator.  The new business relationship was established to offer Ensim’s Unify Enterprise Edition to United States government agencies.  According the agreement, Norsemen Defense Technologies will be responsible for selling and supporting the Ensim Unify Enterprise product to its nationwide client base of organizations in the public sector.

The latest Unify Enterprise helps organizations meet security and other compliance requirements with the enabling of access control, identity and change management, reporting and auditing, password management and fully automated provisioning.

Additionally, the Ensim product offers delegated administration and role management as well as simple configurations for clients and network devices.  Available as a complete suite or individual tools, Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition provides organizations with instant cost savings as the number of help desk calls can be reduced by up to 40%.  Savings can also be enjoyed by reducing or completely eliminating repetitive tasks, a factor that helps to improve productivity and efficiency as IT departments in organizations of various sizes can place emphasis on more strategic tasks.

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Norman Defense Technologies Vice President Justin Bonner, states that the speed and flexibility of today’s business economy requires more advanced tools to meet the needs of both small and medium sized organizations.  Already known for delivering quality solutions that exceed its clients expectations, Bonner is confident that the recent partnership with Ensim will only improve Norman’s ability to meet emerging demands and needs.

From Ensim’s point of view, the business relationship with Norseman Defense Technologies is perfect as the firm currently serves many government agencies including the FBI, Navy, The National Institute of Health, FEMA and the U.S. General Services Administration.  Norseman Defense provides these organizations with numerous software and hardware solutions, adding a variety of complimentary services such as custom network and system design, professional consultation, installation and continuous administration, services that round out its fully featured market offering.  The firm will sell and support Ensim’s entire Unify Enterprise suite along with individual modules that include the following:

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Microsoft Active Directory Manager: This essential component delivers a greater level of control over Active Directory, facilitating the management of complicate tasks.  The AD Manager dramatically reduces the number of privileged accounts and also prevents unauthorized modifications.

Microsoft Exchange Manager: This Microsoft management component ensures that the Exchange server is properly configured while increasing uptime and automating critical tasks.

Mobility Manager: With the Mobility Manager, organizations can enjoy the easy configuration and management of networked smart phones.

Service and User Manager: This compound module allows corporate employees to easily self-manage assigned tasks from email profiles to distributions lists, reducing calls to the help desk and reliance on the IT staff by up to 50%.

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Password Manager: This module allows employees to use a web-based portal to easily reset and manage their own passwords.

Scott Young, Ensim Vice President of marketing and product management, speaks highly of Norseman’s efficiency in terms of delivering high quality solutions to important government agencies.  Young agrees that the partnership will play an integral part in helping Ensim deliver a greater value to its clients.

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    Looks like Enisim is really trying to get on top with the quality offered.

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