Ensim Showcases New Unify Enterprise

Ensim Corporation, collaborative infrastructure and web hosting software company, recently gave a demonstration of its latest Unify Enterprise platform this year at the Microsoft Tech ED EMEA IT Professionals Conference.  The event took place in Spain and ran for five days, concluding on November 7.  Labeled as Version 2.5, Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition is structured in a manner that will allow companies to simplify common IT challenges by fully automating the administrative procedures.  This includes provisioning, password and role management and auditing as well as well remaining compliant to Active Directory servers.  Additionally, all Exchange applications can be managed through a secure web-based portal.

Ensim’s latest enterprise product is designed to standardize various procedures using IT policies to provision and provide access control for Active Directory, Exchange and mobile device infrastructure such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.  The components of Unify Enterprise can be installed as individual tools or as an entire suite, providing a turnkey environment where IT policies can be enforced and administered from a centralized interface, significantly reducing the downtime associated with configuration issues.

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Ensim unveiled the power of its complete Unify Enterprise suite at the Centre Conventions International in Barcelona Spain, reportedly at Booth B8.  Some of the features of the new release include the following:

Fine Grain Role Delegation: Allows the role of system administrator to be restricted by organizational unit policies.

Simplified Provisioning: Automatically configures various integrated componets including logon scripts, end user home folders and the home drive.

Customizable Provision Policies: Allows system administrators to customize the creation of user accounts and provision processes.  This is done by making automatic configurations to specified Active Directory attributes as well as validated username patterns.

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Ability to Modify and Audit Logs: Lets administrators keep track of changes made to individual objects.

Enhanced Alert Notification: Enables the customization of action reports such as end-user license notifications and usage statistics.

Multiple Domain Controller Support: Allows system administrators to leverage the software’s preferences to access a number of domain controllers.

Unify Enterprise Edition 2.5 is currently available on the Ensim website.  The company is currently offering an upgrade promotion of the standard Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition for NetPro, NetIQ and Quest users on the site as well.  http://www.get.ensom.com)Additionally, any enterprise currently using a competitor’s solution will qualify for a discount when switching to Ensim Unify product.  This promotion will be active up until December 31, 2008.

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Microsoft Tech Ed EMEA IT Professionals is Microsoft’s premiere educational conference strictly made for IT professionals.  The 2008 conference runs five days, teaching administrators how to structure, deploy, administer and secure a networked enterprise with tips from Microsoft experts and other industry leaders.

The Ensim Corporation was founded in 1998, delivering products to enterprises and service providers throughout the world.  This company is leading provider of user provision and access control products, well known for its Ensim control panel software.  As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, it has strategic partnerships with several industry leading companies including Accenture, BroadSoft, Hewlett-Packard, Research in Motion and Siemens.

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