Gomez Makes Major Enhancements to its Testing Platform

This past Monday, managed web application service provider Gomez, announced that it would be making significant platform-wide upgrades and enhancements to a number of its products.  These improvements will directly impact the company’s performance management, web load and cross-browser testing solutions for the benefit of clients using both web and mobile applications.

According the announcement, Gomez’s platform-wide upgrade includes the unveiling of the Gomez Recorder, an advanced management tool.  The Gomez Recorder greatly simplifies the creation and management of test scripts and complex web transactions by analyzing the many individual elements within a single web page.  Gomez’s new tool has the ability to automatically detect and capture the performance metrics of each step in asynchronous RIA transactions, thus allowing businesses to effectively analyze and optimize the performance of their applications.

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The firm has also incorporated various solutions for the testing and monitoring of applications, mobile sites and services into the Gomez platform.  These additions give companies a unified view of traditional and mobile applications, permitting them to identify, diagnose, prioritize and resolve performance issues.  Businesses have the option to analyze the performance of traditional and mobile sites individually or collectively.

Other enhancements include Gomez’s automated cross-browser and web load testing solutions.  The former has been expanded to support 5,000 mobile devices and well over 500 combinations of browsers, devices and screen sizes, helping developers save more time and money by automating the process of mobile and web application testing.  The company’s on-demand web load testing solution has also been enhanced, the most notable being the addition of a high volume, cloud generated load combined with the real-world load from its recently expanded Last Mile network.  Gomez’s Last Mile network consists of more than 100,000 consumer-grade desktop machines running real-world performance tests.  Generating extra capacity and reach, the cloud enables Gomez to deliver solutions that more accurately determine the impact of peak loads on response times for end-users in various locations with varying connection speeds.  This ultimately helps businesses make the necessary adjustments and launch new web applications with confidence.

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Also added to the list of enhancements is a new integrated diagnostics dashboard.  This tool provides an interface that aggregates test data across Gomez’s global testing network and customer base, aiding clients with diagnosis that alerts them of performance issues.  Customers can effectively troubleshoot issues whether they are related to them, associates, vendors or the internet in general.

Jaime Ellertson, Chief Executive Officer at Gomez, stated that today’s end-users expect both web and mobile applications to be richer and faster than every before, not knowing that this creates twice the complexity for the developers who build them, the IT teams that maintain them, and the online business executives that rely on them for brand creation and revenues.  He states that the enhancements to the Gomez platform will provide businesses with a powerful and cost effective package of integrated solutions, helping them optimize their most essential web pages and applications, all while meeting the end-user’s expectations in terms of speed and quality.

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