GreenGeeks: Common Customer Complaints

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Here at Web Hosting Geeks, we more or less feel it is our duty to keep in informed about the latest complaints and niggles concerning the largest web hosting providers around. In other words, we like to think of ourselves as the Batman to your Gotham. We might be wrong in thinking so Dark Knight, but either way, we’re still sitting on a mountain of user-submitted reviews. In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing us deliver these reviews to your door, highlighting some of the more common complaints with some of the most well-known faces in the industry. If you’ve been looking for a quality web host, there’s no better place to start than with the volley of stones we’ll be throwing out this month. As such, today we’ll be grilling GreenGeeks, one of the more eco-minded hosting companies around.

Who are GreenGeeks?

greengeeks logoIf you haven’t yet heard of the company, GreenGeeks is one of the preeminent pioneers of green-based server hosting technology. In other words, they helped to found and advance the idea of using wind-powered turbines to generate the massive amounts of electricity needed to host so many websites. It’s great stuff, and at our last check-in, GreenGeeks is now capable of producing three times the amount of energy it uses. This means that, for every one electron the company uses, they sell two back to the grid. It’s a monumental achievement, especially considering server banks are one of the world’s largest pollution-producing machines.

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But all of this green-minded progress doesn’t necessarily mean GreenGeeks is offering a better hosting experience. We’ve tallied up the votes (as well as the reviews) and the verdict is in. If you’ve been wondering exactly what’s wrong with the GreenGeeks experience, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find some of the more common ailments our users have noticed with the company, as well as a few pointers on whether or not these issues are deal breakers. Starting with:

Sales Support

Errant Charges: Overall, we haven’t had too many complaints about the company from this end of the world. However, we have had a few users point out that they’re receiving charges from GreenGeeks even after they’ve cancelled their account with the company. Obviously, this sort of behavior is highly suspicious, and can lead to quite a lot of headaches further down the road.

No Backups: We’ve also been hearing reports that GreenGeeks doesn’t offer quite the backup service it claims to. Whether or not you’re signed onto a backup program, it appears that very few users have been able to coax the company into giving them back their websites after a disaster. There’s nothing worse than losing your data to a malicious attack, so be mindful of these complaints!

Technical Support

No Reply at All: Whether or not you appreciated our little Phil Collins joke there, it appears that quite a few of our readers have experienced technical support scenarios in which the responding agent gave no reason at all for account activities. For instance, one of our users reported a denied application, and when she polled GreenGeeks for a reason, they essentially told her to not contact them again. Across the board, we’ve been seeing lapses in response times, leading us to think your site may not be in safe hands, should you experience any problems while under GreenGeeks’ wing.

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Security Problems: We’re also hearing reports that security is somewhat lax around the GreenGeeks offices. We’ve had numerous reports of malicious software being installed, and not recognized or reported for months. Obviously, it isn’t your responsibility to protect their server, making this a grievous break in typical protocol.

Lier Lier, Pants on Fire: Believe it or not, we’re also hearing reports that GreenGeeks has outright been lying to users about the support for various features and utilities. If this is true (and we have no reason not to believe it is) then GreenGeeks’ technical support isn’t just useless, it’s deceitful. Take this with a grain of salt, but it appears the company has absolutely failed where it comes to helping and supporting our readers.

Server Functions

Frequent Downtimes: On a similarly disappointing note, we’re also hearing from quite a few of our users that GreenGeeks sites are frequently out of commission. Obviously, the occasional bout of downtime is all but unavoidable, but in these cases, we’re hearing horror stories of hours at length, or even days without a functioning website. If you’re running an eCommerce build especially, it appears your Web presence may not be safe at all with the GreenGeeks servers.

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Random Blackouts: Even worse, we’ve heard from at least a dozen different users that GreenGeeks will randomly, without warning, shut down your website. The reasons given are typically based around resource use, but no matter how you slice it, that sort of behavior is just not acceptable. All in all, we’re getting a creeping feeling in our bones when it comes to GreenGeeks server functionality, especially with even more of our users complaining of sluggish performance with larger websites.

Domain Transfer Issues: This is actually a new one for us. It appears that GreenGeeks has frequently messed up the transfer of our users’ domains, leading to mountains of frustration that eventually lead to days without a comprehensive website. What’s worse is that our users were apparently treated quite harshly during their repartee with the company. All in all, things aren’t looking great for GreenGeeks.

So there you have it! Overall, we’ve received quite a lot of detailed complaints from our users about GreenGeeks, and though we haven’t seen quite the volume we usually do with other providers, the stories we’re receiving lead us to think GreenGeeks is perhaps more rough than diamond. That being said, you should still always check our user reviews before signing with another web host! You never know what’s beyond the marketing pitch if you don’t check.

See Green Geeks customer reviews.

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4 thoughts on “GreenGeeks: Common Customer Complaints

  1. BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT TRUST!!!!

    I have hosted a website with this company for 6 years. Then they doubled the price without warning and charged my card that is apparently on file without active authorization. Before being charged I scoured there website to figure out how to cancel my account when I couldn’t figure that out, I looked through the billing section of the website to see if my card info was saved or if there was a way to cancel an invoice or basically just make sure I wouldn’t be charged. However the billing page on the user interface ONLY shows your invoice and how to pay it. NO WHERE on the invoice was I told that they would automatically take almost $400 dollars put of my account if I didn’t call the company and beg to cancel my service. Once my card was charged I immediately contacted the company and tried to get a full refund. Instead they tried to sell me more services that I obviously did not want and cannot afford. Finally I got through to a lovely woman who helped me and connected me to the inappropriately named quality assurance rep who promised a full refund. Instead I received an email from a billing manager letting me know that instead of honoring what the quality assurance rep had said they would still be charging me for a month of service and they would be keeping part of my money that I didn’t give them in the first place.

  2. Shirley Masaoka says:

    I “chatted” with them to be told they would transfer my website to theirs free of charge. I signed up for two years, and purchased from them a domain name. After they got paid, informed they couldn’t transfer the information and I would have to start all over from scratch. At 74 and believing they told me one thing, but after being paid they couldn’t do as they said, it was within only a few hours, and I canceled. They played around and after two days, although told I would get my money back, they have nickeled and dimed me, so it wasn’t the amount I was charged. Beware of them!

  3. Steve Balliett says:

    Now this one takes the cake.

    Outright lying to customers? Someone needs to put the kybosch on this one.

    What could this company possible gain from doing this?

    Promoting a “green” company can be a good thing. But not telling the truth to its customers?

    Shame on them. How do they stay in business?

    Oh well, I’m so glad my hosting company doesn’t treat me like that. Whew!

  4. maria pearson says:

    They might be green but with no service green doesn’t help anyone is this world. Before you claim to be green first check if you’re sustainable.