An Invitation to Guest Bloggers (Writers & Editors Wanted)

If you’d like to write a guest post for “Geek Science”, we’d love to hear from you.

Over the past seven years “Geek Science” has been a resource for inspiration and support in the worldwide web hosting community. From interviews to detailed how-to articles, “Geek Science” covers subjects that are interesting and helpful to web hosters and those who use their services.

We are looking for relevant and unique content that readers might be interested in. Hence, we would like you to share your unique insights, knowledge, and creative perspectives with our community.

So, are you interested? Submit your proposal to become a guest blogger on “Geek Science” by emailing the following details to

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One comment on “An Invitation to Guest Bloggers (Writers & Editors Wanted)

  • Mahmud Sabuj

    Hi Sandy,

    I found while Google’n around and I’m very impressed. I can see a lot of time has been put into it.
    It’s a great example of what an established 13 year old website should look like.
    I looked you up on MOZ and I can see you have a lot of people linking to you, 426562 links actually, that is pretty impressive!

    I’d like to give you some feedback points if thats ok. Don’t worry all constructive 🙂

    I’ve always thought Raleway was a very easy font to read so good job on that.
    Have you considered building a mailing list? People would love to hear what you have to say.
    I couldn’t see a cookie prompt? It’s a good idea to get one setup, adds a lot of credibility nowadays. Especially with all these EU laws, GDPR etc.
    Good job with the clear dedicated privacy policy. Since GDPR and Facebook leaks people really care about their privacy.
    Good job with the Amazon links, its a really nice unintrusive way to earn.
    Good job with the HTTPS connection, security nowadays is a huge concern.
    I did a basic loading time test on your site and its pretty snappy so that’s good.
    I don’t think you are on shared hosting so you don’t have to worry about your SEO neighbours.
    Good job with the Copyright notice, content theft is rife these days, you can’t be too careful.
    I can see you’ve got quite a Facebook following and just so you know I’m the 25461 person who’s liked your Facebook page.

    I hope you’ve found my feedback useful? I try my best to help my fellow website owners. As I’m a massive fan of your content I’m wondering is there any possibility I could write something for you? I’ve got so many great ideas that would make fantastic editions to your website’s content.

    What do you think?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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