HIT Web Design Shutting their Doors

Employees from HIT Web Design were seen carrying boxes from their headquarters in Provo, Utah to their cars on Tuesday, March 8th. The company was founded as Heritage Web  Solutions in 1999. In 2007, HIT achieved the amazing accomplishment of rising to number 22 on the Inc. 5000 list, appearing again in 2008 and 2009. HIT Web Design was a full-service  web design and hosting provider for thousands of customers.

The liquidation and eventual shutdown of the company comes a year after controversies. During its time in business, HIT Web Design was the topic of 972 complaints at Utah’s Better Business Bureau. These mishaps range from employees not being paid for working to customers claiming the work they paid for was never complete. The company has used a variety of “Doing Business As” (DBA) names over their many years in service. These names include:

  • The Heritage Group
  • Heritage Web Design
  • Heritage Web Solutions
  • Yellow Page Partners
  • Chamber Partners
  • HIT Web Design
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In May 2010, the media reported on the shady business practice of HIT. The President of the BBB in Utah was interviewed and revealed that a complaint stems from every single state in the U.S. except South Dakota and Maine. Therefore a total of 48 states had some form of complaint against the company.

When interviewed, the company’s co-founder explained that the web design business is tricky. Since it is a consulting-based industry, contractual and fee agreements between the company and client vary based on the needs of the customer. Therefore, expectations are often misaligned and good relationships can easily turn bad.

At this point, it is unclear whether these many customer service complaints had an relation to the closing of the organization. As of Tuesday, the main phone line has been disconnected with a message from the operator stating, “”Thank you for calling. Our current hosting customer’s accounts are being serviced by Fibernet. They’re a reputable hosting company that’s been around since 1994. Please contact them for more information.”

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The web design and hosting business is a cut-throat, tricky industry to be in. Unfortunately if the company does not provide excellent customer service, there is another startup that will. Although this may not be the cause of HIT’s downfall, it surely was a contributing factor. Just a few years ago the company was at the top. With 972 mishaps, this is the end result.

One comment on “HIT Web Design Shutting their Doors

  • J. West

    HIT Web Design’s business problems stemmed from their fraudulent activities – not from any misunderstandings or unclear expectations. TWICE they called me to renew my subscriptions on two web sites. (They liked to call at aftenormal close-of-business so you’d be tired and prone to hasty decisions.) The first time I agreed to this, they applied the funds to the subsequent year’s subscription. The second time they did this, I checked my records the SAME NIGHT they interrupted my dinner. When I called them in the morning, Jam,es Buhler assured me they would process my refund for the overcharge promptly. No such thing happended. I called several times and even received an email from a Jessica Zink with the following:
    “HIT web design may honor your request and will issue a full refund in the amount of $1680. All refunds are processed in the order in which they are received by our accounting department. Please be aware that it will take several weeks for funds to be released back to you.”
    I should have noticed the weasel wording of the “may”…
    It’s May 2011 now and I OWE the new web hosting provider for prior months! Sheesh! All in all, I consider it awfully generous of you to characterize the causes of HIT Web Design’s downfall as anything other than outright fraud built on a very solid foundation of greed.
    I wish the culprits at the top a Bernie Madoff-style fate.

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