HostGator: Common Customer Complaints

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In our eyes, it’s our job to inform you about some of the largest names in the web hosting industry. In other words, we look at the corporate giants that are constantly vying to steal your money and attention, and our only thought is, “What’s wrong with this provider?” There are a lot of quality options out there, but on the other hand, you’ll find just as many rotten experiences. In today’s article, we’ll be analyzing the not-so-good of just one such hosting provider. has been in the industry for a long time, and has earned more awards than we can shake a stick at. However, if you think they’re all gold and sunshine, you may want to jump on down below the break to view some of the user complaints we’ve received against the company. We’ve compiled a few of the more common ailments just below the break, but before we dive into the what of what’s wrong with HostGator, let’s talk a bit about the who.

Who is HostGator?

HostGator logo
If you’ve managed to search the web for quality hosting without encountering HostGator, we haven’t got a clue how you did it. HostGator has been in the business as long as we can remember, and during that time, they’ve been racking up the awards left and right. Their main focus is on cheap shared hosting, but they also offer quite a few additional services, like virtual private servers. Their plans are rock-bottom, but they’re also guaranteed with an entire list of “unlimited” benefits. All in all, they look like every other big name hosting provider on the market.

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hostgator ratings

But are they really all they crack themselves up to be? For that, we’ll have to dive into the treasure trove of user reviews we’ve stockpiled over the years. So without keeping you waiting any longer, dive on down below the break to see what our reviewers are complaining about the most with HostGator!

Sales Issues

hostgator complaint

Not-So Obvious Pricing: First and foremost, HostGator advertises a single low price for their basic shared hosting account. However, as many of our reviewers have pointed out, you shouldn’t let that number fool you! You’ll have to sign up for an entire year to get that price, and if you decide to do anything shorter, you’ll be paying a higher premium. Granted, this is hardly a deal breaker, but we felt you should know, especially as so many of our users have been talking about it.

Throttled Service: On a more disturbing note, we’ve also been hearing reports that HostGator throttles the performance of accounts as soon as their 30-day money back guarantee has expired. Apparently, once the safety nets are off the company will drastically reduce the overall performance of the site, so much so that it’s noticeable on the front-end. We can’t guarantee these reports are true, but we’ve certainly heard it from enough of our user base to think it’s at least plausible, if not probable.

Customer Support Complaints

hostgator complaint

No Notifications: To dive into another area of the common complaints we’ve been getting, it appears that HostGator’s technical support can be somewhat lackluster. Most noticeably, our users have been reporting a lack of reports. In other words, their accounts have been removed, modified, or even been down without any sort of notification of a change in service. It appears this is a tactic to avoid being blamed for server problems. At least, that’s what our users have been saying. The common trend is apparently the need to pester and badger the technical support representative until, finally, they admit to a server-side problem. Obviously this is a terrible way to run a business, and it appears the reseller hosts are suffering the most.

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Lack of Knowledge: On another note, it also appears that HostGator’s support representatives have been unable in a lot of cases to solve the problems our users have been facing. Frequently, our reviewers have called up a tech support agent, only to have their situation either exacerbated, or worsened.

Slow Service: Lastly, we’re hearing reports that the tech support service with HostGator is somewhat slow on the upkeep. It often took our users days to hear back from an eMail ticket, and even the live chat appears to be somewhat sluggish.

Server Functionality Issues

hostgator complaint

cPanel Problems: To be honest, this is a complaint we don’t see everyday, but enough of our users have reported it to make it relevant. Apparently, the cPanel offers little to no support for languages other than English, producing overlapped fields and other such inconsistencies in service. If your primary language is English, this likely won’t be a problem. For others, we thought you should at least be aware.

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Broken Links: A slightly more bizarre, though no less common, complaint, we’ve been hearing that HostGator frequently breaks all the links embedded within a website, and with no obvious cause. One morning, many of our users awoke to find their links simply broken. As mentioned earlier, tech support didn’t appear to be of much help, and in all but a few cases, our users moved on to a different hosting company.

Database Errors: We see this with a lot of shared hosting companies, but our users have reported more database errors than most with HostGator. It appears housing a database with HostGator is somewhat risky, often leading to overloaded requests or sites that simply don’t function correctly because of it.

So there you have it! Those are some of the more common complaints we’ve heard about HostGator, and though it may seem all negative, we feel we should mention that we’ve also heard good things about them. This is why you should always check for the full review of each and every web host you’re considering! We’ll always cover the pros and cons of the most popular options, and no matter who you’re looking at, we guarantee we can keep you informed.

Still thinking about signing up with HostGator? Please share your experience with us.

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39 thoughts on “HostGator: Common Customer Complaints

  1. I do not recommend this service provider at all! They are unorganized ametures and the smart guys sit at the back overstaked with work and give rats ass about your needs. On top of all my site is down 3 days now due to their lack of ability to explain to a cstomer what is the next step. They are simply retarted. The customer service team is a bust and they are liars trying to sell you stuff all the time just like GODaddy!

  2. Can not edit my web site that would be ok if I could get hostgator to lookat the problem and fix it by reading through the transcripe of my chat with tech support you can see incompitence – the guy tried twice to get me checkingm on things that have nothing to do with problem then cut me off waited another 40 min and got cut off right away spent all day and still no fix I have a usless web site
    3:57:06 PM
    Enrique H has joined the chat!
    3:57:15 PM
    Enrique H
    Hello, welcome to LiveChat! My name is Enrique, how can I assist you today?
    3:57:15 PM
    Enrique H
    Hello, welcome to LiveChat! My name is Enrique, how can I assist you today?
    3:58:05 PM
    I can nor make changes to my site
    3:58:45 PM
    I change in editor but when i publish they are not there using site builder basic
    3:59:38 PM
    Enrique H
    What changes have you made?
    4:00:00 PM
    joe od site name
    4:00:24 PM
    cahanged pictures
    4:03:19 PM
    Enrique H
    Do you have a cache set up?
    4:03:32 PM
    tryed saving then publishing several times
    4:03:59 PM
    yes have a cash
    4:05:18 PM
    Enrique H
    Can you try clearing the cache?
    4:06:21 PM
    no It takes to long to get to talk to any one i am nor leaving without an answer
    4:07:00 PM
    cash has nothing to do with this problem
    4:08:10 PM
    I been trying for about 6 hours to get amswers
    4:09:01 PM
    Enrique H
    What picture is supposed to be seen?
    4:09:57 PM
    the picture Iput in position showes fine in preview
    4:10:29 PM
    noupdate goes to main file on server
    4:11:34 PM
    so it publishes the previous version of the site
    4:13:54 PM
    Enrique H
    Can you state the difference in the new and old site?
    4:14:21 PM
    4:15:00 PM
    There is no change at all in the site
    4:17:37 PM
    Enrique H
    I understand that no change has been published yet but what changes should have been made?
    4:18:56 PM
    different pictures should be on the new version of the site
    4:20:18 PM
    Enrique H
    4:20:21 PM
    Enrique H
    Additionally, can you provide me a screenshot of what are seeing on your end? You can do via via the link below:
    4:21:19 PM
    no you should be able to figure this out by what i have told absolutly no point in screem shot
    4:22:16 PM
    Come on Enrique you can do it
    4:22:34 PM
    this has to have happened before
    4:23:43 PM
    it is probably a problem with site builder
    4:24:01 PM
    Enrique H
    Can I make a change to the site to see if the change takes effect?
    4:24:38 PM
    yes go right ahead
    4:29:17 PM
    Seems like your browser is having trouble talking to our chat system. This chat session has ended, but you are welcome to start a new one if you need more assistance.

  3. Hostgator company provide The worst services and it sucks your money … dnt be happy with there offers … after 1 month you will suffer and regret . They will ask you to buy something related to your issue

  4. Chat ID: 46495800 Initial Question: Shared – Tech Support – cPanel
    10:11:46 PM System Tevin A has joined the chat!
    10:12:05 PM Tevin A Hello, welcome to Live Chat! My name is Tevin. How can i help you?
    10:12:21 PM Aamir Hameed my web hosting is suspented
    10:12:43 PM Aamir Hameed i have delete all infected files
    10:12:53 PM Aamir Hameed please activate my hosting
    10:13:07 PM Aamir Hameed Ticket ID [QIK-51423435]
    10:13:33 PM Tevin A Allow me one moment to bring up your account to look into this for you.
    10:13:59 PM Aamir Hameed ok
    10:15:55 PM Tevin A Did you get the last email they sent you? The site has to be professionally cleaned before we can activate the account.
    10:17:20 PM Aamir Hameed i have clean the files
    10:17:45 PM Tevin A Thank you for following up with the report. Unfortunately, due to the high volume or recent reports, you are now required to have your account professionally cleaned before the restrictions can be removed. So that we may perform a review of your account or remove the current restrictions, we will need for you to please provide the third party cleaning report showing that your account was professionally cleaned. If you’re looking for a suggested third party security company to clean and protect your site, you can reach Sitelock directly at 877-563-2849. However, you may use any reputable 3rd party security company to clean your account of the malicious content. Should you choose to opt-out of having your account professionally cleaned, we will be forced to permanently suspend the hosting account in question. A backup will be provided upon request.
    10:18:38 PM Aamir Hameed i didn’t want to use third party cleanup services
    10:18:49 PM Aamir Hameed thay can charge me so i did’t want
    10:19:05 PM Aamir Hameed i have delete my most on web site
    10:20:01 PM Aamir Hameed and i have only 3 or 4 sites remaining and now i have manually delete infected file so please activate my web server
    10:21:08 PM Tevin A You have to get it cleaned by some one proffesional before we activate the sites.
    10:24:20 PM Aamir Hameed so clean now but i didn’t pay you. you all are playing game for your old customers . i don’t know where malware comes in my hosting server . 1st you people put malware put in my hosting server then ask me that you need a professional cleanup and they charge me.
    10:24:30 PM Aamir Hameed o think i am stupid ??
    10:25:13 PM Tevin A No, we don’t think you are stupid, and you don’t have to get the site cleaned by sitelock as stated in teh eamil.
    10:25:26 PM Tevin A If you’re looking for a suggested third party security company to clean and protect your site, you can reach Sitelock directly at 877-563-2849. However, you may use any reputable 3rd party security company to clean your account of the malicious content.
    10:26:09 PM Aamir Hameed hahahah
    10:26:57 PM Aamir Hameed so now i am going legal. and i will complain against you.
    10:27:42 PM Tevin A I understand your frustration. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
    10:27:44 PM Aamir Hameed i don’t want sitelock. they charge me 15$. why i pay ?
    10:27:58 PM Tevin A You can use any company you want to clean the site.
    10:28:30 PM Aamir Hameed i have clean all infected file . you may check now.
    10:29:02 PM Aamir Hameed i have delete full web sites folder
    10:29:04 PM Tevin A I’m not able to remove the block unfortunately, the site has to be cleaned by a professional third party site cleaning service.
    10:30:21 PM Aamir Hameed o man. i have namecheap hosting as well. they provide me malware scan in c penal
    10:31:03 PM Aamir Hameed but you are going to cheat you old customers . and ask to buy sitelock
    10:31:41 PM Tevin A We aren’t asking you to buy sitelock, you can use any reputable cleaning service to clean the site.
    10:32:44 PM Aamir Hameed why i pay to third party cleanup services. i have already clean my server
    10:33:28 PM Aamir Hameed i have 1 year hosting remain so just refund my payment . i will buy in name cheap
    10:33:43 PM Aamir Hameed very poor services you people have
    10:34:42 PM Tevin A We only provide refund within the 45 day period.
    10:36:29 PM Aamir Hameed wow you people have full ready plan to robbing old customer
    10:38:52 PM Tevin A Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    10:39:42 PM Aamir Hameed check my web server and activate it
    10:41:32 PM Tevin A I’m not able to do this.

  5. Calvin Bohnet, CEO says:

    I have just started with Host Gator. My immediate review is that signing up with Host Gator was a giant mistake. and unless I here from someone with positive news about the following, I will be searching for another provider and looking for a full refund.
    There are two problems:
    1.) I went with Host Gator because you offer Website Builder.. Now that the name servers are in place, the website builder is down for the past two days.
    2.) The tech support personnel today are ignorant about the program and was very close to being rude with me.

    The primary url is my corporation. If you are offering a service, you damn well should provide accurate support.

  6. Mohammed khurram says:

    WORST HOSTING SERVICE SLOW AND BAD CUSTOMER SUPPORT, I have spent 400 usd all time they have some reasons to down website for some money and package upgrading, still stuck with hostgator and they have down our website without any reason and support is silent nobody is answering, please no body trust on hostgator they are fraud and Malware and they are selling other things by blackmailing and closing hostings very chap and bad servers they are 100% liers im real time host gator user i will not suggest anybody to use hostgator. please save your money and time and don;t trust on hostgator

  7. Steve Soderquist says:

    You know, there are good website hosting companies out there, there are average, there are bad… and then there are outright thieves.
    I am not talking about the: “Oh, they said I would get such-and-such for so much money per month, or a savings of such-and-such per year,” then find out I’ll have to buy something supplemental to get the deal; that just falls into the bad company practices category. I am talking about a company who when you cancel your domain three months ago, have the website removed as they as a company were not willing to take responsibility for their own website building tools when said website crashed, saying since they will no longer be carrying that particular service you can instead buy one of their other ones and restart your website (no thanks) and are UN-hedging on the matter… then three months later CHARGE YOU for the dead website and EXTRA for the privacy protection, that is a stealing company.
    So it is with Laura Ranger Author saw the charge this morning so I called them, thus beginning the runaround about how they couldn’t do anything about the charge for the website, but maybe for the protection plan. I at first patiently explained (for the 100th time) that the website didn’t even exist, so why they hell are we being charged for it? Their answer: Because it is renewal time.
    Now, I am not insane, but when I explained to them that this was not even a matter of refunding money because we didn’t want their hosting services, but a matter of I was looking at the CANCELLATION right in front of me from three months ago, I felt like I was slipping into La La Land with this lady. I said this is stealing – flat out theft. More so, bank fraud. If you charge someones credit card for a service that doesn’t exist, it’s stealing. Why she pushed back on this, I have NO idea, but like I told her, this was her opportunity to get a hold of someone in the company and make this right before Laura gets involved. I am the nice one… believe me.
    As I told the rep I spoke with (Rhonda) Hostgator may think they have Laura by the short-hairs, but they only think that. No one steals from her. Period.
    Hostgator, I have never dealt with such an unprofessional and shyster company in my life. If you think you’re going to get away with theft, which by taking money out of a checking account for nothing is exactly what this is, then all I can say is you’ve opened a Pandora’s box you’re going to wish you hadn’t.

  8. This is a problem with many online forms not just Host Gator the fact that sitelock is automatically ticked .This is fraud trying to con you out of more money without your consent no features should be legally allowed to be pre ticked on online forms it should be made illegal .

  9. Hostgator cheated me of 518USD with its fault web hosting services. The customer support executives openly lie over the phone. Most of the times the website will not be up and running. Their control panel for website is very cumbersome and is never user friendly. Most of the times the control panel hangs up & becomes unresponsive. I advice everyone to go for Godaddy.
    I have reported this to the consumer forum in city of Bangalore at the state of Karnataka in the country of India.
    When they say they will provide a free domain it means that they will openly sell your email ids and passwords to hackers, advertisers, extremists etc.
    Most of the times the email accounts don’t work. They will switch off the mail server. The worst was to download a file where to we need to actually hand over our username and password to the customer support executive and he will hack open our email account and delete important files as well as download the file and upload the same file elsewhere and later share the link to our email account. If he gets too much of doubt he will reset the password, access our mail account delete some important mails. If we raise too many support tickets he will switch off the mail server and bring down the website.
    A lot of hackers hacked my and my employees’ email accounts and sent viruses in my and my employees’ name. This way a lot of interns, employees etc got terrified and left our company. I gained bad reputation among the people who work for my company Robofission Labs Pvt Ltd because of his inefficient web hosting service.
    If we do not want to renew our service he will just call us repeatedly keep calling us and stay on the line. This way our business suffered a lot. I was also not getting any phone calls from my friends and family members as he had been on the line repeatedly for months. Hostgator ruined not only its business but also mine.
    The world’s cheapest scammer is Hostgator and their branch head at Mangalore (Soumya Shetty) who didn’t even give a damn when i said i will be going to the consumer forum. I also informed the Mangalore commissioner of Police as well as several police officers about this major fraud company in Mangalore.
    I even complained to the Houston Police to book Adam Farrar their CEO on a cheating and fraud case.
    The worst of all they will go on spamming your email account, they would have got your email id so whenever you are logged in and surfing the net they will show you only Hostgator advertisements. Even on Youtube, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Blogspots, etc get flooded with Hostgator advertisements.
    During the end of the year he will flood you with extraordinary bandwidth for your website. THis way you also won;t have an option when they do some scam like this. They will even threaten us.
    The domain i am now suffering to get a refund for is . It had not even been 1 month since i renewed and they kept stalking me with lies even on the chat. Every last executive is made to lie. A person is given 2gb ram core 2 duo xeon processor as a shared server (How stupid!). But Aneesh S a customer care executive lied to me that it is a “32 gb ram”. I even stored this mobile number “+91 824-6614022” (which was from the escalation department) on my phone as liars from Hostgator. I even warned them that if they don’t refund my money i will goto the court for which they again didn’t give a damn.
    Thanks & Regards
    Suhas Divakar
    Robofission labs

  10. John Schlick says:

    I had been put in a hosting program with Hostgator that was complete overkill and of course that was a THREE year agreement to get a good monthly price. When I moved to a lower level program that better suit my needs they wouldn’t refund any of the money sunk into the useless hosting program. You can only cancel in the first 45 days. Consequently I am paying over $200 IN ADDITION TO the new hosting program for something that is of absolutely no use to me. Hostgator refused to work with me on this. You’d think they would want to keep me as a customer. As soon as my current contract is up, I am out.

  11. Incredibly poor service, cavalier attitudes, and shoddy service. For the second time in under a month, half of my sites are down. There has never been a single time when I’ve phoned this nightmare of a company that I haven’t received a “We’re experiencing an unusually high call volume” message. There’s no way that Host Gator’s management is not aware of this. It’s just that they don’t care. They don’t care if they cost you money, time, and frustration. Their chat session feature is equally worthless. The last time I had an issue, I called no less than 13 times and hung up after being on hold for 32 minutes with no answer. Their “tech support” people are apathetic and smart alecs. If you’re considering web hosting, this is not the company. Spend more and go elsewhere. As much I would hate to do it, I’m considering going back to Go Daddy. I’ll spend more, but at least I’d have less problems and receive better customer service. I wonder if a class action lawsuit would get their attention?

  12. Very Slow website down is down still after 3 rd day they are only looking for the administrator.what to do.i will change my host next year.Do Not Go For Host gator.

  13. I was desperate to change our store from BigCommerce (which I totally regret) to WordPress and save a few bucks, since we donate to dog rescue organizations.

    I signed up with at first and their reply to issues or questions was really bad. I ran into an issue asking to install a third-party SSL. They provided the steps I had to follow-up and make the necessary requests, which I did but I never heard back on the steps they had to follow themselves. A whole week went by and our site’s store was put-off due to no SSL to accept credit cards.

    Long story short, I dropped and went back to HostGator thinking they would be more reliable to customer’s requests but up-until I was read a ticket I submitted with I knew I was dealing with the same company and the same lack of support. They confirm is there sister company.

    Either way, I tried asking them and paying them for helping me install the third-party SSL. I followed the steps for the request and complete payment. I followed-up with a call just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and they said the request was not complete because they had to send me an email with out-dated instructions and higher fees.

    I asked for them to return my money for the request to install the third-party SSL and to make the process easier I would buy the one offered on my portal page for $39.99/year. An entire week went by and the status for this was “pending”. I called to ask what is the process of “pending” and they had no idea but that I was right around the time they would finish the request. I asked what that meant and they said to just wait…we promise it will be install.

    I cancelled the account and asked for the money I paid for the year. I also asked for the $10 installation FEE and $39.99 for the SSL Certificate. No one could tell me if they were going to give me money because no matter what department I called it had to be the next department to know where my money was and how much they were going to refund me. and HostGator are the same company and please do me a favor and boycott this company until they get their crap together and start taking accountability for how messed up their services are to customers.

    My store and other domains are still down since they cancelled quick and looking for a reliable and supportive hosting service.

    – Cisco

  14. Vinnie Barrett says:

    I had a very difficult time with the attitude of Jonathan, who is supposed to give friendly customer service, but was very impatient with me trying to cancel my hostgator order. I do not wish to communicate with him anymore. Jonathan told me there was no one there in the office to authorize me cancellation. He continued to talk over me and would not let me finish a sentence, which was very rude.

    I sincerely hope this is not the normal procedure and attitude for a customer trying to cancel an order. I created this order on May 4, 2016 I will continue to try until I get my order cancelled, and may need to call the main office for a formal complaint.

    A very unsatisfied Customer,

    Gwendolyn H. Woolfolk

    May 7, 2016

    —–Original Message—–
    From: HostGator <44305065@tickets.hostgator

  15. I have a current plan with Hostgator which is very slow. I decided to buy plan with the cloud hosting solution with the hope that it would be fast.
    When they sold me the plan, they promised that it will be migrated within 24 – 72 hrs. I have been waiting for one week now and no migration in sight yet. Whenever I call them, they keep saying that it will be done and they refuse to give a time frame.

    I am now being double charged. One charge is for my old one as I can’t cancel it because the migration from the old plan to the new one is still pending. The second charge is for the new plan that I purchased but can’t use it.

    Can this be considered a fraud?

    Can I sue Hostgator for the wrong promises and double charge?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  16. Gabriel Lanyi says:

    I informed HG two weeks before the expiration date of my service that I’m cancelling the account (their tech support is non-existent). A few hours later they charge my credit card, which they still had on file, for a year’s worth of service. One wouldn’t think they’d be so desperate, but apparently they are.

  17. Terrible company. I’ve attempted to reach them three times today. I finally hung up after being on hold for nearly a half hour. Chat session features are unresponsive. No response on Facebook or Twitter. Can someone suggest a better provider?

  18. I am not a tech guy, but wanted to open a blog. I chose Hostgatorr to host the site. Nothing fancy, just written words an a few photographs. No video, no sale of products.
    I encountered my first problem when the site went dark following an”upgrade” they performed (unrequested and unannounced).

    After this was repaired (several days later) I continued on… My renewal was scheduled for early February but on my January credit card statement (therefore charged in December) I discovered a charge from HostGator. The charge was approx. 300% more than I had paid the year before! NOTE: No invoice, no notice just a presumed sale at a highly inflated price!! I called several times before getting thru and asked about why the charges were so high, came two months early and was not invoiced. I didn’t get any specific answers but was informed that HostGator added a security feature to my blog site — which was the majority of the increase that I was seeing. Again, NEVER REQUESTED OR INFORMED PRIOR TO THE CHARGE. (Notice a pattern here?)
    I asked for a refund (meaning the extra cost, as I was willing to continue otherwise) and was told that they’d refund me in 7-10 days and that the site would be closed.
    As I had prepaid for a year, I assumed that the site would close on my February renewal date. After all when is a year only 11 months long?Nope! Within an hour of my call my site went dark (almost a month short of my renewal date). Subsequent calls were useless as they “couldn’t” reopen the site without my prepaying for the next 12 months. Ha! HostGator is simply a bully to bloggers and small account holders. They even had the nerve to redirect any log in attempts to their sales screens, offering my blog name (which I owned prior to starting with them). Never again HostGator! You are a perfect example of corporate greed and the uncaring lack of service that afflicts moral less outfits like yours.

  19. I joined hostgator around three months ago. To use their penny, I started with one account and after that due to promotion going on, I started another account, but I never knew that I am going to pay a lot. Now I requested them to make my account one and they are asking $37.50. I am very disappointed for this and after submitting my first ticket, they didn’t answer me for 9 days and today again I chat and then they send me an e-mail for money to transfer my account or they said if I want, I can cancel my account. I don’t know which host company is good to choose?

  20. I was with them for 5 years. Recently had an issue with bandwidth for the first time ever. Was worried my site had been hacked. I went from 300 unique visitors per month to 28,000 in 4 days! I started getting the 500 error. Contacted them remember I had changed NOTHING to my site. All customer support wanted to do was argue with me. Sent me links to fix my issue, how can I fix an issue when I do not know what it is. I turned to them for help and they just did not want to help me. My site has been down for two days. Ended up toady buying hosting somewhere else and transferred my domain. I will never recommend them again. Sad too considering how long I was with them.

  21. I wanted to cancel my account by they do not cancel it immediately.
    They are waiting.
    And they do not allow me to remove credit card informaiton from the account !

    What is going on ?

    Cancel my account immediately !

  22. I finally had to leave after 3 years of using them. The overall service is horrible. They shut down my websites saying I was taking too many bytes or something. The truth is that the new company (InMotion Hosting) has had no issues with the sites. Hostgator is famous for putting hundreds or even a thousand websites on a single server. This is why sites are slow and don’t load properly.
    Above I added a post to YOAST a company I do use and like very much. If Yoast has issues with Hostgator you should run away!!!

  23. METROTECH Heating and Air says:

    Honestly I don’t know where to begin. The service hasn’t been all bad but when you call in for technical support you wait for 30-45 minutes. The worst experience that I have had accrued when the Hostgator’s support team erased my $15,000 website. After hanging up I realized the issue. I immediately called back throughout the day trying to reach someone. By the time I was able to get connected I was on the road (5 hour trip). They tried to tell me I could restore my own website in 24-48 hours. But after having to become direct and telling the guy speaking he needed to stop talking and listen to what I’m saying. It’s sad that a company like this is beginning to go down hill quick. The company has changed over the last few years into a company focused on selling and not keeping the current customers satisfied. The quick install that everyone ramps about has gone to pieces. It now is linked to Mojo websites and sells you a $99 | $199 | $299 installation plan or service. I understand the reason to try and sell upgrades but if your not able to provide a faster response time then just like clients who go online and find a slow loading website they quickly move on. The reason I haven’t left at this point is because I do support Hostgator because the company is based in Houston, Texas. I’m a big fan of Texas. I will be doing some research on where to move my website if things don’t improve quickly. The other issue that I have with Hostgator is how you cannot point and forward your emails like I can in 1&1. Thanks again for letting me vent my bad experience.

  24. They have horrible support, disconnecting during the conversation and taking ages to reply to any question.

    3:37:42 AM
    Dalton C
    Welcome to Live Support. My name is Dalton. How may I assist you today?
    3:38:25 AM
    Hi can I use black friday promo if im current client?
    3:39:00 AM
    Dalton C
    Yes, you can use it for a new package, if you want to build a new site from scratch. The discounts aren’t for renewing an existing package unfortunately.
    3:39:38 AM
    can I buy new hosting and transfer everything from current hosting?
    3:40:39 AM
    by transfer can you do it internally ?
    3:40:50 AM
    I guess you have transfer option
    3:42:14 AM
    Dalton C
    No, that would be abusing our signup policy unfortunately.
    3:42:44 AM
    can you show me the point in T&C which is stating this?
    3:45:12 AM
    Dalton C
    Sure, you can see our Terms of Service here and just search for “Coupons”, which is #19.
    3:45:16 AM
    Dalton C
    3:46:01 AM
    I know where is t&c but I cant see any info about what you just wrote thats why im asking you to show me the point in T&C which is applying to what you just wrote
    3:46:52 AM
    You are support and since I can not see that info Im expecting that you will show me point in T&C which would apply.
    3:48:20 AM
    Dalton C
    Discounts and coupon codes are reserved for first-time accounts or first-time customers only and may not be used towards the purchase of a domain registration unless otherwise specified. If you have previously signed up using a particular domain, you may not sign up again for that domain using another coupon at a later date. Any account found in violation of these policies will be reviewed by our Sales department and the appropriate charges will be added to the account. Coupon abuse will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension or termination of your account. All coupons and discounts are only valid towards the initial purchase and do not affect the renewal or recurring price.

    Do you have any further questions for me?
    3:48:43 AM
    Yes I will have please wait I need to read your reply
    3:49:06 AM
    Dalton C
    Ok. Thank you for using Live Support. If you could take a minute to let us know if your questions were answered and/or your support request was resolved, it would help us to improve our customer service. To do that, just click the button that says “Rate and Exit” in the upper right hand corner. The survey takes less than a minute to fill out.
    3:49:19 AM
    This chat session has ended.

  25. Paliwal Jewelers says:

    Hello all. Please don’t trust hostgator at all. It is the worst hosting company ever. The support is really very very very bad. From last 4 days my eCommerce website is down and these people have done nothing to resolve it. on12th October, they told me an issue that was resolved by my team the very next day and that was informed to these people through support chat and ticket but today they are working on that stupid, resolved issue only, totally wasting my time , money and energy. The support is really very poor. These people don’t know anything. DON’T TRUST HOSTGATOR. IT IS THE WORST HOSTING COMPANY WITH BAD TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

  26. Pissed Off with Hostgator says:

    I have been a satisfied client of Hostgator since 2006 but since last year their service is getting worse. My website shows Mysql error and Bad Gateway pages once or twice a month. The support guys have same answer always “We are looking at the issues but have not ETA for this” and the answer remains same even after 24 hours.

  27. I have been using HostGator for many years, nearly 20. Up until the last 3 or so years the support was the best in the business. I had an update crash on my dedicated server three days ago. I put in a ticket and now 60 hours later, I called support and waited about 15 minutes. The response from support agent was “we take tickets on first come first serve basis”. the end the reps response is “we will get to it when we get to it, what do you want me to do?”. I hung up the phone. Looking for a new dedicated host for my customers.

  28. Hostgator almost destroyed our business by failing to support our dedicated server when issues began to snowball. Our main website with 45k registered users and all of our company emails, sales department and customer care communications failed on a Monday afternoon – we called and opened emergency tickets but were ignored, stonewalled and hung up on when out IT Team tried to work with Hostgator to resolve a failed hard drive issue. for the entire week they failed to fix the problem and we had no choice but to move asap to a new host – we had 3 dedicated servers at Hostgator to serve our database and clients and were down for 6 days – when we finally were restored and could access WHM we began transferring data to the new servers 1 week after the incident began – Hostgators’ response was to block our IP’s and prevent us from transferring our data – we had to take immediate action and demand they open ports and allow us to move our company data – We suffered not only an immediate financial loss of eCommerce sales but have lost many customers that never returned because of Hostgator – Never Again will we use a company owned and operated by a non-US Company – Hostgator used to be a good host provider prior to them being bought out by …..

  29. If you host your website at Hostgator, just pray God that it has NEVER a problem. If it has, you’ll have to contact the Ghost support and if they answer, you’ll be lucky if they do it in less than 3 days. During that time, if your site is down, they don’t care.

  30. frustrated with hostgator hosting says:

    hostgator will then ask you to upgrade your shared hosting plan to a dedicated server plan. or a higher hosting plan. sounds fair enough correct? DEAD Wrong!luckily I googled and found in warrior forum and there are already tonnes of people, professional web business and earning their living online people who are all complainting about hostgator’s services and even after you had upgraded your hostgator account to a higher plan or a dedicated server, you will still face many other problems of server down, router down, back hostgator admin, long support waiting time, an estimated waiting time of 30mins is actually more than 30mins, more like a 45min to 1hr wait. previously i waited and looked at the 1min waiting time for 5 to 6mins, then at last it was my turn, but however the helpdesk hostgator was not able to help me. all they do was say polite words and then quickly tried to closed the support call (they were trained to do so, so that customer will feel frustrated and no choice but to not talk to their hostgator chat” waited 45min to 50min and still issue is not resolved. Gone with hostgator, avoid at all cost! if your customers to visitors start coming to your site, that means your site is either developed or is starting to get indexed and ranked in 1st, 2nd or 3rd page in google, etc. however, your hostgator admin will shut your site down with no regards to what your site is doing, nor they will listen to why your site is down for 4 to 5 days, they will just take their time with no regards to what your write in your ticket. So be warned avoid them at all costs!

  31. frustrated with hostgator hosting says:

    initially when i read about hostgator on the good reviews i was very happy about their hosting. however, what all the reviews never wrote AND never warn people are that hostgator has this cpu limit thing which they put inside their terms and conditions, and which 99.999999% of buyers will never read all of the terms and conditions as it is too long and most will not read. For websites owners who just have a low traffic website hosted in hostgator, they will not face any issues or problems at all. hostgator will be happy to have them as these websites can easily be managed. HOWEver, if your website or blog become popular and traffic start coming to your shared hosted website, and also google bots or search engines start indexing your site and so on …. (e.g. many stuffs happening to your site and your site get busy), YOU WILL BE DEAD MEAT if YOU HOST in HOSTGATOR Sharehosting plan!! HOSTGATOR will just shut your website down totally and completely ignore you, this is done by the hostgator admin, and even you sent support ticket to them daily, your tickets will just be queued and ignored, even after you had rectify your so called “issues”. The helpdesk will tell you a different story like “you use a popular script e.g. wordpress will cause high cpu usage” or something like that, or they will just get a few of your link and pin point that your website links are causing high cpu usage. but if you see/check your hostgator cpu usage graph, you will see that your cpu usage is minimal, and you will not get any support or answer from hostgator at all!!! Really ridiculous webhosting services! What a crap hostgator webhosting is!!

  32. Ive been with hostgator for over 2 years now and they are getting worse
    I understand that when your account over uses the servers resources on a shared server they limit your account and database connection

    In my case its usually Bots coming around stealing content, so i get the standard email from the server informing me of my overuse of the database then i go and block the offending ip via htaccess
    well whats happened now for the 3rd time , i reply to the ticket then contact the live chat asking them to escalate the ticket to the nearest admin because all they can do in the Live chat is send you links to their faqs or help articles, or refer your ticket to an admin,
    the support use a list of saved responses for instance in the English chat i just had to a guy Named Sean (Prolly mamood from India)
    i said to the guy
    well you weren’t really any help at all
    his response : Your Very welcome is there anything else i can assist you with today

    My issue is that because the bots come around and steal content ,over the last year the support response time as degenerated horribly, to set your site live again is over 10 days, im now on day 4 again since i contacted them, ( for the 3rd time in as many months) same response “an admin will respond to the ticket as soon as possible?” 10 days??

    thanks to hostgators response time my site has fallen from google

    Avoid hostgator like the plague they are cheap and cheerful and have tools to allow you to accomplish alot but if you have any issues and want to contact a human being to assist you then forget it
    they not worth it

  33. I started to use HostGator on the recommendation of the firm I used to develop my website. All went well until the week of 11/25/13 when my site went down and I could not get customer service to assist me or even get a copy of my site to move to another hosting service. I strongly recommend against using them.

  34. I had same experience with tim’s customer where Hostgator shut me down by blocking my database without any chance for me to fixed it first. Hostgator gave me reason that I have been using their 25% resources of their so called unlimited shared hosting account. So, to avoid any interuption in browsing my website, I purchased from other provider another unlimited account with new domain name, and moved the database and files to the new account then I created redirection for my old domain to new domain. Unfortunately few hours later, the redirection was deleted by hostgator without any notice… I was so upset. I am done with Hostgator. Bye Bye

  35. 2006 verizon created supermedia to avoid the public service commission,and google created places to isolate businesses,While they sold adword campaigns and destroyed businesses, having prior knowledge of the configuration of the cell phones to the computer, both commpanys controlled workers using orginised companys from newyork, who supplied foreign workers to displace american workers.They hid this behind the bank and housing issues.

  36. I had the experience of helping a customer get their site back online after Hostgator shut them down for TOS violation. The violation was ‘using more than 25% of the resources of a shared hosting account’, which seems like something hostgator is supposed to keep track of, not the customer. But they shut her down, with NO WARNING, just a ‘sorry you violated the TOS’ and I spent the day trying to comply with demands they made to change a little something here and there and optimize the database. Finally, 18 hours later, the site was back online. But this customer is ready to upgrade to a larger account, somewhere else! Done with Hostgator.

  37. Steve Balliett says:

    When prices are not easy to understand or clearly upfront, something is fishy.

    Why mislead a customer just to gain a sale then lose them later on because of false claims?

    And slowing the customers service down after 30 days is like pouring a restaurant customer another drink only half full because they spilt it.

    How unfortunate for someone to have had an experience such as this company’s behavior.

    Where is the BBB or the FTC when you need them on this one?