HostMySite Merger Births Two New Cloud Solutions

Recently merged web hosting provider, have combined two powerful solutions to strengthen its presence in the hosting marketplace.  Made immediately available, the two new products dubbed as Cloud 9 Enterprise and Cloud 9 Private provide customers with access to shared and dedicated cloud hosting, IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) environments.  The Cloud 9 Enterprise solution offers enhancements that include on-demand provisioning, interconnecting to private cloud environments and rapid deployment of disk and computing resources.

Prior to the merger in May of 2009, both providers operated their VMware-based cloud hosting solutions independently.  Thanks to their strikingly similar infrastructures, scalable platforms and dedication to support, the integration process was seamless, going off without a hitch.

Art Zeile, HostMySite CEO, revealed that the company will continue to integrate HostMySite and cloud computing solutions at a fast pace to deliver highly sought after, client-centric services to the virtual and cloud markets.  He says the name Cloud 9 was chosen because it is already an established cloud hosting band.  According to Zeile, these two new solutions will provide customers with an unparalleled level of flexibility and control.

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Cloud 9 Enterprise provides customers with an on-demand cloud hosting solution via a secure web portal, giving businesses the ability to quickly deploy virtual servers and modify their resources on an as-needed basis.  The service is quite comparable to a virtual private server yet offers the additional benefits of high availability and adaptability.  Cloud 9 Enterprise doesn’t require any contracts, allowing customers to provision and incorporate resources such as RAM, storage and RAM online in a matter of minutes.

Cloud 9 Private delivers virtual, clustered environments at a price considerably lower than traditional dedicated server solutions.  The service provides an enhanced level of scalability, fault tolerance and security in an isolated environment occupied by a single tenant.

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News of the merger was’s first major announcement since acquiring  Company reps are confident that several business clients will make use of the Cloud 9 Enterprise and Cloud 9 Private solutions to extend their internal cloud environments to geographically distributed infrastructures in its SAS 70 Type II certified data centers.

HostMySite/ is said to be working closely with the VMware platform to deliver enterprise-class cloud hosting solutions to businesses of all sizes.  The company is actively participating in the VMware vCloud Initiative and working side by side with VMware to launch trial-offer cloud hosting services for virtual appliances and general hosting needs.  Enterprise and small to medium sized businesses can leverage the benefits of the VMware virtualization platform via both the Cloud 9 Enterprise and Cloud 9 Private solutions.

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About HostMySite/

As a fully merged entity, HostingMySite/ provides enterprise-level dedicated and colocation hosting, managed hosting, cloud computing, disaster recovery and business continuity services to a global base of customers.  The company operates multiple world-class data centers in California, Delaware and Kentucky with another facility currently being constructed in Denver, Colorado.  The HostMySite/ infrastructure is designed to support business clients who run mission-critical operations and demand a high level of availability.

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