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Intermedia.NET Unleashes New Exchange Solutions

Intermedia.NET has just launched a suite of new solutions designed to enable Microsoft Exchange deployments that provide higher availability and tighter security for its customers.  Although Exchanging hosting has become increasingly popular in recent times, many businesses still choose to maintain their server operations in-house.  Those who lack internal resources are vulnerable to numerous instances that pose a direct threat to critical business functions.

Intermedia CEO Serguei Sofinski explained that the company’s new offerings will help customers address two of the biggest problems faced by small to medium sized businesses today: excessive downtime and security issues.  Sofinski says the new solutions will allow its customers to effectively harvest the true value from their assets without the risk of loss productivity.

Here is a rundown on Intermedia’s new solutions:

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Business Continuity

The Intermedia Business Continuity solution has been tailored to provide high availability by permitting customers with on-premise Exchange servers to use its servers to access their messages when the in-house servers go down.  Unlike standard dial-tone solutions, this offering is Exchange-based and allows complete access to user mailboxes.  This means that customers can enjoy 14 days of message history, contacts, calender appointments and more even if their server should fail.


A proprietary application developed by Intermedia, ContentSync is a software tool that synchronizes its Business Continuity Exchange servers with on-premise Exchange servers, providing customers with real-time access to their data in the event of a failure.  This solution doesn’t call for any software or hardware installations, configuration or management, making it possible for business customers to have the high availability that would normally be cost prohibitive at a more affordable price.

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SpamStopper is the second part of Intermedia’s Exchange solution.  This hosted service puts an emphasis on security with spam filtering, anti-virus and anti-phishing tools for small businesses with their own on-premise Exchange server.  Intermedia says that SpamStopper is able detect potentially harmful mail with an accuracy rating of greater than 99%.  The solution is also integrated with a feature called Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Detection to protect networks from newly released strains of malware.  Thanks to SpamStopper, Intermedia customers can stay one step ahead of the unscrupulous coders writing infectious virus, worm and Trojan programs.

Price and Availability

Both of Intermedia’s new solutions have been made immediately available and can be easily incorporated into customers’ existing on-premise Exchange servers.  Business Continuity starts from $5 a month per user while the SpamStopper solution is available for $50.  The latter is a one-time fee for the first 50 users and an extra 50 cents a month for each additional user.

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About Intermedia.NET

Intermedia.NET is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner that has been specializing in the hosting business for more than 10 years.  Its solutions are geared towards small to medium sized businesses looking for enterprise-class technology attached with low monthly fees, no up-front investment and industry-leading technical support.  Aside from Microsoft Exchange hosting, Intermedia provides a variety of traditional web hosting services designed for small and mid-sized companies.

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