JustHost: Common Customer Complaints

Lately, we’ve been chugging away at the user reviews, combing through them to find some of the more common and show stopping complaints our users have submitted to us here at WebHostingGeeks.com. With each of these reports, we’ve been detailing some of the largest web hosting providers in the business. We’re not quite done exposing weaknesses yet, though: Today we’ll be covering one of the more popular (and cheap) shared hosting providers in the industry, JustHost. So whether you’ve been thinking about signing with the host, or are just curious to see how the stack up in our users’s eyes, then stick around! Jump on down below the break to catch an initial look at who JustHost is, followed immediately by a breakdown of the more common complaints and issues we’ve been hearing about from our readers. So, without further ado:

Who is JustHost?

Justhost logoIn their own words, JustHost is a company that offers prices that are “incredibly competitive and include an extensive list of features, including unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.” Sounds like a fair deal to us, as does the anytime money-back guarantee. JustHost is one of the few hosts we can name that will refund the money you would have spent on the rest of your hosting term, no questions asked. It’s a great way to do business, and if it actually pans out, it makes the $3.75 a month hosting plan seem less like a risk and more like a boon. However, all of this can look fantastic on paper, but none of it would matter if the company’s actual performance is subpar. So on that note, what have our readers got to say about JustHost? To find out, keep reading just beyond the break while we button up the issue for you. Starting with:

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JustHost Sales Problems

justhost sales complaint

Unprofessional: This is a new one, or at the very least, we haven’t run across the complaint enough to call it common. Still, it seems quite a few of our users that have signed with JustHost are experiencing problems that we can only describe as unprofessional. It seems that JustHost will occasionally loose sensitive data, or not ring back a customer when they look for support. Furthermore, we’re also hearing reports that the company is sometimes a bit slow in a way that seems lazy, rather than bogged-down.

No Money Back: We’re saddened to hear this from our readers, but we can’t say we’re entirely surprised. It appears that quite a few of our reviewers have tried to cash in on the money back guarantee JustHost promises, only to find that their cancelation requests are never answered, or that JustHost simply won’t do the deed. This is quite disturbing news, especially if you had planned to bank on that guarantee as a bit of piece of mind.

JustHost Tech Support Problems

justhost support complaint

Hard to Understand: We’re all for a global village, but it appears that some of our readers have quite the devil of a time understanding the tech support representatives that JustHost has hired. We can only assume this side of the operation has been outsourced to a location other than the United States, and that the accents incurred there have been giving our English-speaking readers fits. Take this with a grain of salt, though: If you speak Hindi or have good ears, you won’t mind so much.

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Nobody Home: On a more troubling note, we’re also hearing reports that tech support will occasionally not answer calls, or leave eMails unanswered for days or even weeks. In our eyes, this is completely unacceptable. When hosting and managing a website, you want your problems fixed as rapidly as possible. And when your lifeblood on the Web isn’t functioning because a rep won’t call you back, we simply cannot except the services offered. It’s a principles matter, if nothing else.

Trouble Transferring: According to our readers, it isn’t just the user that occasionally has problems moving a website from another host to JustHost. In multiple reports our readers have told us that JustHost tech reps simply can’t seem to get an hold on moving a website from one location to another. This is, of course, rather maddening, especially if you’re in need of a speedy move across town—so to speak.

JustHost Functionality Issues

justhost server complaint

Slow Performance: We can’t say we’re entirely surprised to see this complaint rising from the ranks, especially as this is shared hosting we’re talking about. Still, it appears that JustHost’s web performance and server speeds are somewhat lacking. Our users experienced quite a bit of lag with their websites, and in some cases, even found their spaces unusable due to a lack of processing power. This is most troubling, especially when unlimited disc space and bandwidth are both promised to the new signer.

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JustHost Stability Concerns

justhost uptime complaint

Uptime Woes: this is yet another complaint we can’t say we’re too surprised to encounter. As reported by our users, the real uptime you’ll get with a JustHost is much closer to about 70% than it is the promised 99.99%. This isn’t a terrible amount of uptime, but when your website forms the very backbone of your life or business, you can’t deal with any downtime at all. When you need constant Internet presence, even the slightest of hiccups can be a nauseating and show-stopping even. Which is why the reports of websites going down for as much as 3 days at a time scare us!

All in all, consider deeply before signing with JustHost. In our eyes, the age-old adage, “You get what you pay for!” applies well here. Still, we’ll leave the ultimate decision up to you, the reader. And, as always, we encourage you to peruse the user-submitted reviews contained on the site for the latest and greatest complaints as given to us by our readers. We’re sitting on quite the egg of knowledge, and it’s all for you to gain from!

Are you a JustHost customer? What is your experience with JustHost?

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5 thoughts on “JustHost: Common Customer Complaints

  1. Justhost.com – AVOID AT ALL COSTS
    On the 22nd May 2012 I received an email to advise I was being upgraded with all associated domains.
    Within 24hrs I had been moved from a UK server which had been OK, not brilliant but no major issues.
    The moment they pushed me to a server in Utah in the USA with no real notice or options I was taken offline because my sites were being hacked and used for phishing. For the last two weeks I have had to suffer the same daily process, I check all sites, I speak to Terms of Service which is -7 hours so I have to wait until lunchtime before even speaking to someone and finally after a few more hours and several calls my sites are back on line.
    That is until the next day and the process starts again, they have destroyed my client base, all ratings, rankings and credibility and all they seem to be interested in is getting you to answer the single customer service question at the end of the call that asks you if you would recommend them? God are they so stupid!
    I am absolutely blown away by the actions, attitude and chaos they caused, I am leaving ASAP, just got to migrate 50 sites out and I am gone forever and my task is to find and fill as many of these forums, blogs and sites as I can to warn people about the Justhost bunch of wasters.
    Please pay a bit more or do some serious reading but DO NOT TRUST Justhost.Com
    They have cost me a fortune is time, loss of earnings, lost clients, compensation, legal action threats and so on.

  2. I’ve finally had it. Using a database slows down 10x my already slow site. Even a few static html pages time out constantly on JustHost. There are good hosts, there are mediocre hosts and then there’s JustHost… at the bottom of the barrel.

    I quickly discarded the possibility of thousands of users per minute hitting my site constantly.. causing it to slow down, since I alone am 90% of my website’s traffic. Good thing there’s only 1 month left on my service. I am out forever, never to see them again. Running any sort of interactive scripts that require a dbase or call for php will simply make your site explode with justhost.

  3. Sad Justhost Customer says:

    Pingdom Monthly Report
    2012-03-01 – 2012-03-31

    Uptime – 90.92%
    Outages – 235
    Response time – 2207 ms

    Pinging my reseller account on Justhost. What a joke. OVER 9% DOWNTIME! If they don’t have some good answers (and I mean tonight), I’m gone.

  4. 4xhosting.com says:

    Down time is never good – this is something that they cannot afford and if they do not do anything about it then they are going to gain a bad reputation, something which could seriously damage their business. Down time can also be very damaging to the person who is having their site hosted – forex traders for example could many money making opportunities if they have even a minute of down time!

  5. I’ve been with them for a while now. Every so many days my server goes down for hours. The speed of the site was slow, so I ‘upgraded’ to the faster server. What a joke, it’s even slower most of the time.

    They were my first hosting company and I had no clue what a decent shared host was. I have tried another with the same ecommerce software. It runs 600% faster on the other server, even though Just Host support insists it is my program that I am running.

    Just host just sucks. I have moved from them now.

    Biggest Pro: Really cheap the first year til they double the price.
    Biggest Con: Cant keep their servers running which costs me money in lost sales.