The Launch of the Savvis Markets Infrastructure

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The Launch of the Savvis Markets Infrastructure

Savvis, an industry leading managed web hosting provider, recently announced the launch of the first phase of Savvis Markets Infrastructure which enables financial organizations to utilize customized information technology solutions. Savvis was recently acquired by CenturyLink, a telecommunications company, for stock and cash totaling $2.5 billion.

Creating a Flexible Commercial Model

The Savvis Markets Infrastructure will allow users to utilize flexible solutions from within a commercial model. As a result, clients will be able to tailor information technology needs by incorporating a range of capabilities such as colocation, managed and cloud-based hosting. This will provide enough storage, computing power, network services and a high-level of security.

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Advantages of the Platform

The web hosting community will benefit from this launch because of the cost-effective connectivity directly to marketplace data, trading partners, execution venues and service providers throughout Savvis’ globally managed, high performing, low-latency network. The system is transparent allowing different parties to view various aspects of the financial organization thus improving communication.

Savvis’ Extensive Data Network

The recent launch will introduce a new commercial model for financial service providers. Future scheduled releases will deliver an enhancement of tools and features. Currently, Savvis boasts 32 data centers across the glove with low latency connectivity through over 200 exchange and liquidity venue feeds. This allows for some of he highest performing data centers available.

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Experience with Financial Entities

Savvis has extensive experience with regards to traditional equities and derivatives exchanges, foreign exchange, alternative trading venues and fixed-income electronic communication networks. Therefore, the experts are well aware of the common hardships and limitations faced by modern financial firms from a systematic standpoint and have implemented them into the infrastructure.

Furthermore, Savvis Financial Systems was recently awarded a $9.8 million contract by the United States Federal Election Commission. In early June 2011, NYSE Technologies released a cloud-based platform for the financial industry, more specifically financial traders. This is further evidence of Savvis experience with the financial marketplace and how they can improve companies in the same industry.

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The launch of this innovative software package should assist the financial industry with streamlining many processes while providing the other elements required for a successful company. Being that Savvis has experience in the financial market, this platform will cater to those needs and be implemented successfully. The first phase should eradicate the majority of bugs in the system allowing for a clean infrastructure to be implemented in the future.

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