Mezeo Takes Part in Cloud Storage Gathering

It seems as if everyone in the IT world today is singing the praises of the “cloud.”  This has been reflected by experts at the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe in London, England desire to have a closer look at cloud storage, easily the fastest growing facet of the cloud computing market.

Bill Pitts, senior Vice President of global sales at Mezeo Software Corp., participated in the panel called “Storage Opportunities: Cloud vs. Conventional.”  Pitts touched on the issue of while traditional NAS and SAN-based storage capacities have continuously expanded, users are increasingly demanding capabilities these solutions simply can’t provide.  Shedding light on how cloud storage has rapidly become a mainstream solution, Pitts says that the cloud is being widely accepted and adopted by end-users and service providers alike.  Aside from helping providers stay relevant in their respective industries, cloud storage also allows these companies to offer new capabilities to their existing clients and essentially expand their market reach utilizing the same solutions.  Pitts highly recommends that service providers and those who are still unsure of the benefits tap into the cloud storage market, and tap into it fast.

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Coupled with web services APIs, the Mezeo cloud storage platform enables IT service providers to instantly enter the highly competitive cloud storage sector with their own fully-branded cloud storage solution.  The platform it currently offers is built on four different solutions: Cloud Storage with Web Services APIs, SaaS Cloud, Access Cloud and Personal Cloud Storage.  This suite of services allows customers to completely leverage the type of cloud solution that meets their storage needs best.

The Storage Opportunities panel was held on June 2, 2009, kicking off at 11:40 a.m. at the Hilton Tower Bridge in London, England.  The event was moderated by Simon Robinson, research director of storage at 451 Group.  Joining Pitts in the discussion was Sajai Krishnan of cloud storage startup ParaScale and a co-founder from Nirvanix. 

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About the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe

Headed by Tier 1 Research, the Hosting Transformation Summit Europe is a major international  forum made for executives in the data center, web hosting and internet infrastructure markets.  Its overall focus is to deal with the economies of these specific markets and how each can position themselves to succeed.

About Mezeo Corp.

With its headquarters based in Houston, Texas, Mezeo Corp. is an industry leading provider of easily deployable cloud storage platforms.  Its solutions enable managed dedicated server providers, IT hosting providers, SaaS providers and converged telecommunications providers to instantly incorporate a profitable cloud storage service into their existing portfolio.  Mezeo’s cloud solutions include secure file storage, file sharing and collaboration, content tagging and genuine anytime, anywhere access for any Microsoft Windows desktop via Web 2.0 browsers and devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile native client.   The company focuses on delivering solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain, highly scalable and secure.  Thanks to the immaculate design of its APIs, Mezeo’s cloud storage solutions are also highly extendible.

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