Microsoft’s New Developments

On October 29th, 2010 at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference, Microsoft unveiled a presentation denoting how developers now have the ability to create rich device experiences in the cloud. This event was broadcast live across the web to more than 20,000 developers simultaneously at 200 Personal Developer Conferences across the globe.

The Keynote Address

The keynote address from CEO Steve Ballmer and Server and Tools Business President Bob Muglia showcased how Microsoft is continuing to advance their platforms of the PC, mobile devices and cloud computing. With the recent releases of Windows 7, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9, they were able to focus on these platforms specifically. The plans for Microsoft are to combine the Web, phone and the cloud.

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Building Momentum

Since Windows Azure became commercially available this year, Microsoft has seen an explosion of 20,000 applications. In combination with the RenderMan application, Microsoft presented how they can utilize Windows Azure to improve computer cycle efficiency through scaling. In turn, this will further develop project performance and decrease costs.

Other Conference Highlights

Microsoft also highlighted that over 70 partners that represent more than two-thirds of all active web traffic are utilizing Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5. Internet Explorer 9 first launched in September 2010 and there have already been an amazing 10 million downloads.

Microsoft also informed the crowd that numerous companies will be utilizing Window Phone 7. Additionally, the Windows Phone marketplace is slated to launch more than 1,000 games and applications that fully utilize the power of the phone. The marketplace opens September 7th for user’s to upload and download applications.

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure is one of the latest developments from Microsoft that helps developers build new types of business applications, commercial offerings and web applications. The software package provides many vital services that allow them to focus on applications, not the infrastructure, operating system and tools. The functions offered by Windows Azure are known as “Platform as a Service” (PaaS).

These fantastic releases from Microsoft are sure to revolutionize the software industry once again. Windows phones in the past have been mediocre at best. However, it appears as if executive management is looking to put much more backing into Windows Phone 7 to make it a front-runner in the mobile handheld device industry. Either way, Microsoft will continue to prosper with these innovative and performance enhancing products.

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