MochaHost In-Depth Review

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MochaHost In-Depth Review

Here at Web Hosting Geeks, we pride ourselves on being your primary source for all things web hosting. We like to think that contained within our databanks is essentially everything you’d ever want to know about all the major players and options. However, we’ve realized lately that we’re failing you a bit: We’ve been missing out on some of the smaller hosts and that, however, is a problem we’re one step further away from, as today’s review is all about MochaHost.

Sure, the company may be small, but their services pack a punch! We’ve got our problems with the web hosting provider, but no matter if you’re sold on them or just want a second opinion, you’ll find what you need below. Starting with:

Who is MochaHost?

At first blush, you might get the impression that MochaHost is just another Silicon Valley-based web hosting provider. And for the most part (to be honest) you’d be about right! They were founded in 2002 in order to provider their customers with quality services balanced by fair prices. Sounds like a standard sort of agreement to us, and with a remote data center, a semi-dedicated staff, and an average hosting spread, we’d say that’s about the most we can hope for from MochaHost.

However, MochaHost does come with a few good reasons to keep them on the list. For instance, they offer 100% uptime, as all good web hosts should. Additionally, they’ve got a 180 day money back guarantee, which we’re quite fond of. They are also one of only an handful of web hosting providers that gives you a lifetime price guarantee, locking in your rate for good.

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There are other reasons provided to us by the company, but to be honest, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Which means it’s high time we hit the hills for a deeper look at their web hosting plans!

Web Hosting Provided by MochaHost

Shared Hosting:

Right out of the gate, let’s take a look at the company’s shared hosting packages. They offer three distinct setups. At the lowest end, you’ll get the Soho hosting package, which clocks in at only $1.95 a month. For that, you’ll get a package that’s ideal for a small office, personal site, or blog. You’ll still get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, though, which is a tremendous boon for MochaHost. On top of this, you’ll also get unlimited email accounts, parked domains, sub-domains and up to 50 MySQL databases.

At the next level, you’ll be paying $2.45 a month, but you’ll earn a few additional features. For instance, you’ll get beefier database support, as well as eCommerce support. And at the highest level—the Mocha hosting package—you can expect $7.25 a month to earn you the full breadth of everything MochaHost has to offer from shared hosting.

All in all, it’s not a bad pricing scheme, and the features look solid enough. We can’t say we’re overwhelmed with the promise of hosting with the company, but that doesn’t mean it’s to be passed over. At the very least, we’ve still got more to look at, so let’s hop to it!

  1. Reseller Hosting
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In comparison to their shared hosting plans, MochaHost’s reseller accounts do actually come across as a bit too good to be true. For instance, their lowest possible rate is a scant $9.87 a month, which affords you unlimited monthly traffic and 25 gigabytes of space. At the top of the scale, you’ll get 55 gigabytes for only $21.20. That’s incredibly cheap, and as every package comes with unlimited eMail accounts, FTP accounts, domains, sub-domains, and databases, you’re staring straight at a seriously budget-oriented package.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The story here is a little more subdued, but it’s still got a great emphasis on budget. The top of the line experience with MochaHost will clock you a solid $97 a month for a 2.26 gigahertz processor, unlimited monthly traffic, and 3 gigabytes of RAM. That’s quite a chunk, but we have to admit it’s just not the highest we’ve ever seen. Then again, the price is on-par with what we’d expect. So all in all, if budget is your goal, then you might find a dedicated server home with MochaHost.

Internet Marketing

One of the more interesting points about MochaHost is actually the fact that it offers a full suite of online marketing tools for you to make use of. You’ll get support for search engine submissions, Google AdWords, and even eMail marketing techniques. The best part about this? They all come free with any hosting account! So though we may not have been knocked off our feet by the hosting plans themselves, we’re certainly starting to see a value in the additional services offered to us by MochaHost on the flip side.

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Support and Help Desk

Still, one of the most important things we look for in a web hosting provider is a quality support desk to draw upon. Where MochaHost is concerned, it all looks to be a pretty standard affair. You’ll get a support portal for ticket style offerings, but though the provider claims to offer 24/7 support, we see no phone number to dial. Additionally, the knowledge base and tutorials struck us as a bit lacking at best. All in all, it’s not a bad setup, but maybe not one we would trust with our site.

The Final Wrap Up

To give our final word, we think MochaHost offers a lot of solid features and a pretty incredible price. It’s certainly a bargain, but based on Geek’s reviews, it looks like it might not be the best host to go with. As such, we caution you to first investigate some of our favorite hosts, like Web Hosting Hub or InMotion before signing with MochaHost. But if you do go with the company, be sure to let us know what you thought! We’re always looking for real user experience to draw upon.

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