Netmagic Launches Cloud Computing Solutions

On Tuesday April 14, 2009, Netmagic Solutions, a web hosting provider based in India, announced that it has become the first hosting company in the country to offer cloud computing solutions for its enterprise customers.  Netmagic cloud computing offerings consists of three different services: CloudNet, CloudServe and PrivateCloud.

CloudNet – The CloudNet service gives customers access to an IT infrastructure complete with servers, load balancers, firewalls and switches, all made possible from the installation of ready-to-deploy cloud appliances.  This particular service is designed for medium sized companies and traditional enterprises as well.

CloudServe – The CloudServe solution provides Netmagic customers with disposable server resources.  This simply means that the servers can be configured and reconfigured on an as-needed basis depending on the individual needs of the customer.  Netmagic reports that this service is best suited for small to medium sized businesses who require application hosting.

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PrivateCloud – Netmagic’s PrivateCloud service is geared towards large corporations with demanding enterprise class needs.  This solution provides customers with a hosted cloud infrastructure complete with hardware and a fully managed virtualized platform.

In addition to its cloud computing solutions, the company also offers a console that allows customers to create various appliance and also upgrade or downgrade resources from the cloud according to their specific needs.  With these new services, hosting clients can effectively maintain the availability of their applications all without needing to invest double the amount in the necessary hardware and software components.  It also gives companies the added benefit of reducing and scaling their resources based on needs without the worry of hardware management.  These services are designed to optimize resource usage, reduce costs for IT infrastructure and ultimately minimize operating expenses.  Netmagic states that it will bill customers only for the resources they used on a per-hour basis.

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In a recent interview, Sharad Sanghi, managed director and CEO at Netmagic, says that the company’s cloud computing services will allow them to deliver solutions with added value to their customers.  He notes that companies everywhere have been looking to optimize their IT infrastructure and reduce costs, siting that cloud computing is a technology capable of satisfying  those needs.  Sanghi reports that Netmagic Solutions is thrilled to be the first on board and expressed what an advantage it should give the company over the competition.  He concluded by stating that the new cloud services shows the company’s dedication to its expansion plans and commitment to businesses in India.

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Netmagic’s latest offering is a part of its ongoing expansion plans announced last year.  The move followed recent advances the company made in SAP application management and infrastructure management services.

About Netmagic Solutions

Based in India, Netmagic Solutions offers a wide range of managed IT services.  Its portfolio consists of managed dedicated servers, remote infrastructure and management, email and messaging solutions, application hosting and various data center services.  Combing world-class data centers located in both India and the United States with the latest innovations, Netmagic provides mission-critical application hosting for more than 650 of the world’s top enterprises.

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