New Customer Support Options at HostingZoom

Web hosting provider, HostingZoom, recently launched around the clock phone, ticket, live chat and email customer support. HostingZoom offers a variety of web hosting services including cPanel clustered failover, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting. Customers will now have instant access to knowledgeable training sales and technical support staff anytime of the day to ensure quick responses to questions regarding their accounts.

Providing an Unparalleled Level of Service

Since HostingZoom continues to expand, it is important that their customers have an unparalleled level of service to ensure they receive the most value from cPanel hosting solutions. The support is fast, reliable and available at anytime through a number of different mechanisms. Also, the hosting provider guarantees quick response times for every inquiry. This includes even the most complicated technical issues.

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A Statement from HostingZoom

HostingZoom representatives published a statement saying that the key to maintaining their brand image is through an increase in high quality support. This expansion has been a lengthy process and is only the beginning of the company’s goal to establish the best reputation in the industry for customer service. Also, since customer support is their top priority, it is a continuous improvement process.

24/7 Support is Basic with all Hosting Packages

The 24/7 support is standard with all clustered, VPS, cPanel dedicated server hosting and all other packages. If a customer needs assistance with any aspect of their hosting account, customer support will be available and ready to answer questions. The numerous support options allow customers to reach the support staff in a method they feel comfortable. Should a technical issue occur, HostingZoom is available to assist its customers.

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HostingZoom Company Information

Located in Houston, Texas, HostingZoom is a privately held firm with over ten years of hosting experience. The firm has powered thousands of enterprise and personal websites allowing for the development of unique identities and branding across the Internet. HostingZoom services include, clustered hosting, web design, SSL certificates, cPanel dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and web design.

Any type of additional support for web hosting providers can only strengthen the business. Adding around the clock customer service is one of the most important aspects of a successful host. This allows clients from across the globe to have questions answered immediately. The move toward this multi-channel support should increase the number of new account holders at the provider.

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