New Hosting and VPS Plans from Host Color


Web hosting provider,, recently announced the launch of its new hosting plans. The provider services thousands of U.S.-based and Canadian-based customers from their data center based out of South Bend, Indiana, 90 miles from Chicago. The company’s recent advertising campaign highlights the free account migration service to all products and services.

Migration Service

This new management service is only available by utilizing the coupon code FREEMIGRATION which applies to cPanel-based shared hosting accounts as well as OpenVZ and Virtuozzo virtual servers. Those without cPanel-based accounts can also receive migration assist at a low cost, one-time fee of $15 which will be applied directly to their accounts.

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Host Color has always focused on providing new and current clients with the opportunity to select from a variety of options. Since there are many webmaster who are not satisfied with their current providers and do not have the time or technical expertise to correctly migrate their website to a reliable provider, Host Color is there to assist.

New Data Center

The company recently transitioned into a new data center and developed a fully-redundant network with a 100 percent uptime guarantee. The provider has also recently announced several money-saving opportunities to small business websites, dedicated servers and VPS hosting accounts.

.INFO Promotion

One promotion is on .INFO domain name extensions and .INFO domain-based websites. The price of these domain names has decreased to $6.97 per year. Current owners of .INFO websites have been awarded coupon code, INFOWEBSITE, which gives them a 22 percent discount when signing up for a shared hosting plan at the provider. This promotion is scheduled to end September 30th, 2011.

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Those who do not require the migration of an account will be given savings on their monthly hosting bill. Host Color is providing 25 percent off their bill with the coupon code SUMMERTIME when signing up with any shared hosting package. This code is scheduled to expire at the end of August 2011.

Host Color Company Information

Founded in 2000, Host Color is a web hosting provider incorporated in Delaware. The company boasts a fully-redundant network with a 100 percent SLA uptime guarantee. Host Color hosts thousands of small business and personal clients in their data center based out of South Bend, Indiana.

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With so much competition in the web hosting industry, Host Color is offering deals and specials that are refreshing to consumers. Perhaps the extensive advertising and great deals will entice customers to switch to Host Color.

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