New Partner Program Announced by Tenzing

Tenzing Managed IT Services recently went live with the Tenzing Partner Program, a new support program allowing partners and resellers to provider their customers with SLA-backed managed hosting services. The best aspect of this program is there’s no capital investment or risk involved to the partner, they simply need to sell the Tenzing service.

The program is developed to provide the necessary support to Tenzing partners which will help them expand relationships with their direct customers as well as increase revenue through a compensation plan. This program offers a plethora of services to help support partners in the design and delivery of solutions. In turn this improves effectiveness and profits while reducing cost and opening new business channels.

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Tenzing is claiming their new program is one of the most competitive and comprehensive in the industry to date. The company recognizes that partners are an integral part of their go-to-market business strategy; therefore, Tenzing is willing to invest in them as they grow.

The Tenzing Partner Program delivers two different partnership levels to meet the needs of affiliates: Premier and Referral. The Premier program focuses on the continued development of collaborative strategies with numerous shared performance gauges. This indicates Tenzing will work closely with partners to create effective marketing strategies while building awareness of the services.

The Premier Partner program is aimed at the following:

  • Joint marketing between Tenzing and the affiliate
  • Scheduled strategic reviews
  • Developing new business
  • Competitive compensation
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The Referral program targets a number of different industry professionals. Partners can be ecommerce store owners and developers, consultants, web development shop owners, SI’s and other information technology professionals looking for ad hoc projects and leads. The Referral program is an excellent opportunity to join a growing company that will guide you toward profits.

Each of these programs is an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue. The better you do, the better they do so Tenzing would like to help your business as much as possible so they can maximize their revenue.

The partner programs offered by Tenzing are revolutionary for the affiliate marketing industry. This is not the run of the mill Clickbank affiliate program. Tenzing is willing to dedicate resources to help your business grow and for you to increase conversions and generate leads. If you are in this industry or are looking to expand operations, consider working with Tenzing because everyone will win.

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