Geeks opens up registration for all Hosting Companies

After many years we decided to open registration for all hosting companies in the world. Every vendor will be checked for legitimacy and honest product presentation to its clients before the hosting company can get in to Geeks Hoster’s Directory as well as personal landing page{company-name}/.

Hosting companies will benefit from being able to collect their customer’s reviews as well as be able to reply publicly to their user reviews. For example the hosting company gets a negative review because of simple miss-understanding – believe it or not, but this does happen, so then by responding back to the customer the negative review doesn’t seem that negative any more to their potentially new customer who researches the quality of their support/operations.

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On top of that hosting companies can get automatic notifications once they receive the new customer feedback.

We have also expanded on ability for hosting companies to showcase their products, prices and specials – now its completely custom and can be changed at any time.

So go on register you hosting company with Geeks, collect your customers reviews and stand above the competition!

Whats next? you may ask. We’ve committed to extensive development around our site. Most beautiful minds (well they are just PHDs in Math and Physics :)) are finalizing the development of the news algorithm that will rate all the companies in our new top lists. New hosting companies will be able to stand next to the large enterprises as the algorithm would analyze company quality and the position over the last 6 months only. There is new matrix to filter out fake reviews, which is going to act as the first line of defense and will let our verification team to concentrate on less obvious “fake” factors – still every single review before going on our site is checked by a human for validity. We are bringing more tech resources to Geeks Answers to help people with their problems – all free for our visitors. We will have brand new directory very soon, where users can narrow down easily to the hosting company that would fit their needs. And many many more…so stay tuned for future announcements!

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Truly yours!
WebHostingGeeks Team

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