New Services Launched by Evalice

Spanish web hosting provider, Evalice, recently announced the launch of its new website and service improvements. The company will now offer reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting to its customers. All three new offerings are fully managed so the company is responsible for all aspects of the hosting including management, monitoring, security and update installation to allow the client more free time to focus on their business.

Maintaining a High Level of Quality

Evalice currently has servers in three countries in Europe; Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain. This is a strategic move to provide high-quality hosting services to customers worldwide. Also, Evalice is planning to improve its services at night so it can deliver the same level of service during daytime business hours. Since their clients are all across the globe, it is night somewhere on Earth at all times. Therefore, it is important to cater to those customers as well.

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New Website Information

The CEO of Evalice released a statement discussing that the new website will provide customers with more information about all the new servers the company has to offer. Also, it will display company news, organizational information and material regarding the new infrastructure used by all servers. This information should allow potential clients to become customers.

Evalice in the European Web Hosting Industry

Evalice is a leading provider of innovative enterprise web hosting solutions in the European marketplace. The company has an excellent reputation for looking to improve all services to its customers at an affordable price point. The improvements will certainly increase traffic to the website.

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Three Dedicated Server Hosting Packages

The dedicated server hosting package provides three different plans: Managed Web, Managed Pro and Managed Max. The Managed Web plan features AMD X2 Dual-Core servers with multiple configurations and DirectAdmin software. The Managed Pro package delivers Intel i7 Quad-Core servers. Finally, the Managed Max also boasts Intel i7 Quad-Core servers 12GB of RAM. All packages are equipped with around the clock support and guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent.

The expansion of Evalice appears to be an excellent advancement for the web hosting industry in Spain and surrounding European countries. The new services should attract many new clients from across the globe. Also, the new website will turn potential customers into monthly account holders due to the amount of available information regarding services, cost, company information and other critical content.

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