New VP of Subsea Sales at Infinera Announced

Infinera is one of the leading digital optical networking systems providers. The company recently announced that Deryck Robinson will be the new Vice President of Subsea Sales. This position will allow Robinson to conduct subsea sales on a global level. Robinson will also lead a dedicated team focused on expanding Infinera in the growing subsea networking market.

Another New Announcement

This appointment immediately follows Infinera’s announcement of the new 500Gb/s integrated circuits which deliver 100Gb/s channels across the Interoute pan-European network. Since 2009, Infinera Submarine Solutions have been providing submarine line terminal equipment and has shown an explosive amount of growth.

This brand of the company allows submarine operators to increase the network capacity in a cost-effective manner while simultaneously gaining from the ease-of-use, unified, efficient subsea-terrestrial network. Basically, Infinera is an organization that lays fiber optic equipment across the ocean floor to connect continents.

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A Strong Portfolio

The company has already been utilized to move wire across the Atlantic Ocean, between North and South America and across the Indian Ocean. Therefore, Infinera has a fairly impressive portfolio of projects. Through expansion and growth, they will be able to provide a more efficient and effective service which will greatly improve connection performance across large bodies of water.

Current Equipment

The continued growth of the Internet is proving to be a major strain on the current submarine fiber optic cables. As a result, performance and efficiency greatly suffer. To alleviate this issue, web hosting operators have turned to Infinera due to their rapid, cost-effective upgrades to existing lines as well as the ability to lay new, better performing fiber optic cable systems.

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Robinson’s Background

Robinson joined Infinera in 2006 as a senior sales director. Since that time, he has greatly contributed to the development of Infinera to achieve an industry-leading role in the North American long-haul marketplace. Infinera offers a variety of services which include their compact metro edge platform known as Infinera ATN, optical system Infinera DTN and optimization features for DTN and SLTE.

Due to the major impact this company has on the Internet, the projects they complete are extremely important. Therefore, Robinson has a great deal of responsibility to help the company grow so they are able to offer a high-quality, well-performing product at a reasonable price. If his past performance is any indication, the company’s subsea sales department is in good hands.

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