Newest Member of the Cloud Security Alliance

Symplified, a cloud security provider, recently announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) which is a non-profit firm created to promote best practices with regards to security assurance within a cloud computing environment. Several weeks prior to this move, Symplified announced a new partnership with, an open-source cloud computing provider. The combination of the two companies is known as CloudStack which delivers a number of security features.

The Cloud Security Alliance

The Cloud Security Alliance continues to heavily promote the best practices with regards to providing security assurance within the cloud computing environment. Within the Alliance, there are a variety of experts from different disciplines with the objectives of promoting understanding of the technology, promoting independent research into best practices and launching awareness campaigns.

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Furthermore, this organization provides education of the benefits and uses of cloud computing to secure the numerous other forms of computing available. A press released by Symplified unveiled that the company’s technical team is highly-regarded in the industry for its innovative vision and leadership with regards to identity management. Furthermore, they were the pioneers of the first on-demand trust fabric that secures the adoption of cloud computing.

The Current Status

Currently, the organization’s access management trust for the cloud is over 1 million seats and continues to be the largest provider of identity protection services for the Amazon EC2 platform.

About the Management Team

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The management team holds a variety of patents for web identity and developed the AuthXML specification which was submitted to OASIS to assist with the launch of the identity standard. Symplified plans to share its identity expertise with cloud IAM while collaborating with CSA to increase cloud security.

About Symplified

Symplified helped to create and establish the web access management market as well as the SAML identity federation standard from the foundation to what you see today. Therefore, the company continues to make these critical contributions to ensure cloud security standards are developed. Since 2007, Symplified has been delivering cloud security solutions and is excited about bringing their years of experience to the Cloud Security Alliance.

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With the continued development of cloud computing, it is vital for best practices standards to be developed to protect customers, operators and website owners. It appears as if Symplified has a plan to conduct such a task. With the help of this organization, the web hosting community will have a secure cloud hosting environment to protect their customers and visitors

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