Nimbula Director Released to the Public

Nimbula Director is an in-house cloud management system similar to Amazon EC2. Developed and launched at the end of 2010, Nimbula Director announced the public availability of the Nimbula Director Cloud operating system in addition to a free, functional enterprise version with limited scalability.

This software allows users to administer in-house as well as off-site resources guaranteeing the flexible and efficient utilization of data centers. The platform is solely based on Nimble’s cloud operating system which provides users with easier management of public and private cloud systems.

Due to the excellent innovation of Nimbula Director, it delivers scalability and flexibility. Therefore, users will experience the following features:

  • Self-monitoring
  • Zero touch installation
  • Layer 2 networking provisions
  • Federation to public clouds
  • Distributed layer 3 firewall
  • Self-service provisioning
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With the self-monitoring function, the software will manage any failovers without the need for human intervention. This will free up time for information technology professionals for being required to maintain and manage the system so they are able to focus on development and implantation of innovative ideas.

Zero touch installation employs Nimbula across multiple servers including those that will be added in the future. This automated function installs the software and sets the configuration on new systems without the need for human intervention.

Layer 2 networking is provisioning guarantees resources are allocated to separate, individual users as they are entered into the system. Federation to public clouds provides a controlled association with public cloud servers like Amazon EC2. In turn, this permits limitless scalability options as users can draw from other sites resources.

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Distributed layer 3 firewall protects users with security that is independent of network configuration, geographic location or topography. Finally self-service provisioning allows users to easily amend resources, create and launch instances all well reducing the need for interaction with information technology departments.

Although so many useful features are provided with this program, Nimbula Director is offering free of charge licenses for deployments fewer than 40 stations. For those organizations requiring additional licenses, an annual subscription is required which includes maintenance and support.

Nimbula is a promising new piece of software that can greatly benefit small to medium sized businesses for free. Many of the development team worked on the Amazon EC2 project; therefore the software is robust due to its roots. Add in free software for a limited number of stations and a software winner is born.

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