NTTA To Unveil White Paper on Network Security

The internet consists of many dangers with threats seemingly lurking in every crevice of cyberspace.  We often hear words of warning for the everyday computer user, but the truth is that these malicious scams and infections can be just as, if not more damaging to large corporate networks.   NTT Communications intends to place emphasis on the importance of network security at the upcoming IEEE conference.

NTTA (NTTA America) Inc., wholly owned subsidiary of web hosting and services company NTT Communications, is set to discuss its latest white paper on network security.  The white paper focuses on the increasing number and development of network attacks, the impact of “silent threats” and how both small and large networks can help to mitigate these growing problems.  The paper is set to be presented by Darren Grabowski, manager of NTT American Security and Abuse Team, on December 1 at the IEEE Globecom 2008 conference in New Orleans.  The white paper will be publicly available at NTT America’s website starting on December 3.

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Grabowski states that spam, phishing, malicious software and DDoS attacks are all growing problems that just are not going to go away.  He says that small and large networks must work cohesively to deploy monitoring systems and report their findings to mitigate these threats.  Grabowski ended by remarking that most companies already have such tools incorporated into their networks, saying that more of them simply need to invest a small amount of time and effort into using these mechanisms and protecting themselves in a more proactive manner.

The firm is presenting the white paper as a part of a broader initiative spearheaded by NTT’s Dr. Kazuhiko Ohkubo.  Along with other panelists, Ohkubo will be introducing comprehensive approaches in regard to better security in advanced telecommunications networks, basing new service creations on the ring of trust and secure ROI management.

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Aptly titled “The Silent Threat”, the white paper touches on how millions of computers connected to the internet are being compromised at an alarming rate.  It also reveals how a single botnet initiation has the ability to enslave thousands of machines, abuse the internet infrastructure and cause financial havoc.  The white paper outlines the measures small and large networks can take to mitigate these common threats simply by utilizing many of the tools they already have in place.  Darren Grabowski believes such measures will prevent attacks while keeping expenses at a minimum.

The NTT America Security and Abuse Team has the task of responding to security and abuse issues such as spam, port scanning, malware, DDoS attacks and across NTT’s entire Global IP Network.  They are also responsible for consistently monitoring the network, utilizing a number of tools such as those that look for trends in bandwidth consumption in comparison to legitimate traffic, as minimal consumption often shows signs of a silent threat.

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As a U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, NTT America acts as North America’s gateway to the Asia-Pacific region.  It provides world-class IP networking services, managed network and enterprise hosting solutions to customers and service providers throughout the world.

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