Pioneering Cloud and Colocation Facility Opens


Industry-leading cloud and colocation services company ScaleMatrix recently announced the opening of their pioneering flagship data center. The building was constructed specifically for the purpose of hosting services and boasts 50,000 sq. ft. The facility will house cutting-edge cloud hosting technology and highly efficient colocation space.

Statement from the CEO

In a recent statement by the CEO of ScaleMatrix, he said that the newly constructed facility leverages modern data center hardware to create a highly efficient location, whereas, most competitors operate from facilities that are at least a decade old. Therefore, ScaleMatrix creates a new industry standard with regards to density and overall efficiency.

Facility Characteristics

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The facility features innovations in thermal management and cabinet design to create the most efficient, highest density data center location in the region. These attributes allow customers to maximize their hosting investment while minimizing their environmental impact.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The opening of this facility creates two impacts on the surrounding area. The first is from an economic point-of-view as San Diego’s technology sector will benefit from the several hundred new jobs created as well as the capacity requirements. Environmentally, ScaleMatrix’s data center will decrease the requirement for construction of corporate hosting facilities which tend to be much less efficient and have a much higher impact on the environment.

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San Diego a Prime Location

The decision to select San Diego as the location for the data center can be attributed to the thriving information technology community and three native San Diegans in high places within the organization. This allows the company to feature best-in-class efficiency while creating new jobs for the region.

Preparing for Future Growth

Cloud computing is currently the fastest growing technology sector. Therefore, ScaleMatrix is positioning itself to rapidly grow through the customization of cost-effective and efficient solutions for a fast marketplace. These data centers are engineered to support scalability and expansion requirements which are the basis of cloud computing technology.

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ScaleMatrix Company Information

As an industry-leading Private Cloud Solutions Provider (PCSP), ScaleMatrix has expertise with colocation and dedicated server hosting. Founded as an effort to design, deploy and manage the best private cloud and dedicated hosting technology, ScaleMatrix services a variety of customers from small start-up companies to Fortune 500 organizations.

The new data center confirms their position as one of the leading cloud hosting providers in the industry. The new facility was built to optimize all equipment from an environmental and storage aspect. Hopefully this will entice many new customers to the hosting provider.

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