Site5 and Mokugift Combined to Help Reforestation

This planet is the only one we have.  As such, it is imperative that we do all we can to minimize the overall damage caused and repair what we can.

Web hosting provider Site5 has combined with Mokugift to do its part to give back to the environment.  For each new web hosting, VPS, dedicated server or reseller hosting account created, the Site5 will plant one tree to assist in reforestation efforts.

About Site5

Since 1999, Site5 has been providing web hosting services on servers that are considered high-end and loaded with a low number of customers per server.  This hosting provider takes the time to calculate its customer to server ratio to ensure none of its equipment becomes overloaded.  This, in turn, means web hosting clients at Site5 can be assured of a consistent and high up-time.

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Site5 keeps its support in-house thereby ensuring clients are speaking with actual Site5 team member should support issues arise.  Their entire staff are fully trained in the company and its services, speak fluent English and excel in interpersonal relations.

Web hosting accounts with Site5 start as low as $4.95 a month and cap out at $10.95.  All accounts come with unlimited amounts of disk space and bandwidth.  Additionally, each account owner has access to a SiteAdmin control panel and an easy web site builder program.  Site5 also offers up to $75 in Google AdWords credits.  All this is backed by a sixty day money back guarantee.

About Mokugift

Mokugift (pronounced mōe-koo gift) translates to “tree” gift in Japanese.  The mission of this company is to help a fun and meaningful way to give back to the environment.  This charity-based company allows environmentally concerned citizens to plant trees for a mere one dollar per gift purchase.

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The idea was brought to fruition by co-founders Hans Chung and Krates Ng.  Both had seen the very popular online selling of virtual gifts (Facebook and various dating site).  The gentlemen took this idea one step further and incorporated it with a way to give back to the planet.  Thus, Mokugift was born.

The purchase of a mokugift tree works much like sending e-cards.  Those on the receiving end of the gift can display their trees online at several social media outlets such as MySpace, Facebook and many other popular web sites.

One large portion of Mokugift is its platform designed to inspire businesses to create reward systems.  Site5 web hosting teaming up with this eco-friendly gifting idea is one such inspired business solution.  Not only will the web hosting company garner new clients but these very same new clients will pass the word along – not only bringing in customers but also doing something fabulous for the environment.

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Web hosting has received a reputation (rightly so) over the years of being one of the worst offenders when it comes to ecological damage.  In the past year or two, there has been an overall shift of thinking and operating that has enabled web hosting providers to be able to lessen their damaging impact.  One superb way to do this is by helping with reforestation.  Hats off to Site5 to seeing the light and giving back to the planet!

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